Friday, February 25, 2011

25 Years After EDSA

Happy 25th EDSA People Power Day everyone!

How time flies! Twenty five years ago I remember helicopters flying over our house every so often. Classes were suspended so I was just home listening to/reading the news and learning how to ride a bicycle. My Kuya went to EDSA and being only ten years old I had to stay put at home. One of our assignments was to put together a scrapbook of news clippings and put reactions about it. I hope I'd be able to find it somewhere. It would be interesting to see what I had to say about what was happening back then.

Wow! So much has happened in the past twenty-five years! Mabilis nga ang buhay! The past two weeks passed like a blur. I was so busy toiling. Working on things I hope would help many people. And I hope, like my Dad, that's something I'd be able to accomplish in my lifetime. I have bottomless optimism, so abangan.

My more meaningful post about EDSA is over here.

It's also been an exhausting month for me, but I completely forgot about it when Miguel presented me this -

I had to dig around to find out what it really means and I found out from my thesismate in DLSU (who now handles their MCO) that the lanyard set was sent to "top passers" across all colleges. Awesome! Congratulations to my all-around, great-genius kid!

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