Saturday, June 9, 2007

Meme: Funniest Childhood Memory

I’m writing this in the middle of a family expedition to Lucban, Quezon where these coconut trees –

hide my funniest and most embarrassing childhood memory.

During summer and on weekends I remember hopping on my Dad’s huge Mercedes Benz with my Dad, Mom, Ate and Kuya. Being the youngest I was always relegated to be seated at the middle back seat and I carry that habit to this day. I was only 8 months old when I started going to the beach.

But let me digress first to another adventure our family had. We were on our way back to Manila from a summer holiday at Villa Merced Resort in Camangui, Pasacao (Bicol), my Dad was driving fast on the National Highway somewhere in Camarines Norte when suddenly a huge inahin pink pig crossed the street. There was no time to swerve so we hit the poor piggy pig pig head on. Sniff sniff. It went to heaven immediately, but we were all safe and the MB was intact. Now you know why I collect pigs. It’s in memory of that poor piggy pig. I was about 3 years old then.

Hohumm... I’m now about to reveal my funniest and most embarrassing childhood memory.

I was probably 2 or 3 years old and we were on one of our expeditions. We were on our way up to Lucban, Quezon (my Dad’s hometown) and I just had to go. You know, go, as in number 1. So my Dad pulled over and I remember there were a lot of coconut trees where we parked. The place was deserted and no cars were passing in the road. My Mom opened the car door and let me out. She told me to pee by the door. I might’ve been just a toddler but I was very much stubborn already at that age. So I walked off towards the trees ignoring her admonitions, squatted and started peeing.

And then, a loud noise startled me…


Goodness! I squealed. Stood up and ran to my Mommy! So much for keeping dry. LOL. Gross!

And I have not heard the end of it to this day. Gah!

What about you? What’s your funniest childhood memory?

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2007 June 8 Lucban