Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Good News

This is a story of another miracle.

CA 125 is a tumor marker that is used to find out if you have ovarian cancer. My cardio ordered me to have  a complete blood test when I was diagnosed with pneumonia/heart failure back in 2008. When the test results arrived my doctor highlighted the CA 125 result since it read I had about 65 U/ml. It was alarming since the normal level should be below 35 U/ml. My doctor then asked me to see my OB for additional tests. I went through the tests twice, but they did not see anything abnormal.

A repeat of the CA 125 test also showed that the level increased to 80 U/ml. That was the time I could barely eat normal food. I was surviving on lettuce and tuna. My local cardio put me on a low sodium diet. I was having asthma attacks every night. We eventually found out after seeing an allergologist that I was allergic to the three Cs (chicken, crabs and cockroaches plus Coca-cola actually).

Apparently nobody gets well from heart failure. My cardio believed that it was what happened to me and not pneumonia. It could have been both, but I was really in bad shape. My local cardio pushed for immediate open heart surgery so they could repair my leaky heart. My parents agreed, but first brought me to Kamay ni Hesus for healing.

And a miracle happened.

My cardio in Singapore was surprised when I went back to see him. He couldn't explain how I managed to get over heart failure. I did! And I wouldn't be blogging today if I hadn't (coz I'd probably be gone by now).

Anyway, but another CA 125 test showed I still had a 44 U/ml of whatever it was in my blood in early September 2009. My doctor then said that I should have another test when I go back to see him. In late September 2009 I found myself in Iloilo and I insisted on visiting the Jaro Cathedral so I can ask for healing from Nuestra Senyora de la Candelaria. I was just there for just five minutes, but I felt the familiar healing hand and I knew then I was healed. (I also asked for healing when I was in Zamboanga a few weeks ago.)

So I skipped getting tested since it's expensive (at least PhP4,500 at Makati Med!), but my cardio scolded me when I visited him a few months ago. I was due for a run of blood tests, so I thought I'd get myself tested for CA 125.

And guess what, I'm way normal again at 18 U/ml. Thank you Lord and Mama Mary =)


  1. It's God's way of telling you that your presence is significant and you're mission is ongoing.

    It's also a testament to His healing powers in motion. Thank God.

  2. I'm happy to hear this, Aileen! Stay blessed! :)

  3. Wow! Miracle nga! :)