Sunday, November 14, 2010

Divisoria and Christmas Shopping

Forty one days before Christmas and I have just completed shopping for about 20% of my Christmas list. This list consists mostly of family and friends I grew up with (it pays to work remotely haha) and every year when I have time I try to make my gifts or find quirky personalized gifts.

My nephews and nieces are at the age where it's hard to find them gifts. My rule of thumb before was give them gifts that would give their parents headaches! When they were little kids I'd give them toys that would really either mess them up or mess up their home. For those who were visiting from other countries I'd give them huge stuffed toys. And there were times I'd give them something to make them hyper. I did this not because I hated my siblings/cousins, but because I wanted the kids to enjoy. Hehehe.

Since the kids have grown up already I think I'll follow the hubby's way of Christmas shopping and do it by theme. I've decided to make gifts again this year and will be laboring in the evenings to complete my list by Christmas.


Anyway, Divisoria is a treasure trove for bargain hunters. You can get stuff en masse and get big discounts. There's clothes, cute desk stuff, accessories (like belts, bags), small usual stuff like keychains, flashlights, house ware, and even gadgets! On the other hand, if you have time, you can shop for materials and just put things together -- make photo frames, bags, accessories etc.

We went to Divisoria last weekend and made the mistake of going after ten in the morning. We parked our car at SM Mall of Asia and then took a cab to Divi. Traffic was light until we reached the entrance of China town. It took us almost 30 minutes from Savory to Starbucks at Juan Luna. We could've alighted the taxi in front of Binondo Church, but we felt bad for the taxi driver.

If you do decide to brave Divisoria, go really, really early and leave before lunch. We left at around 1 in the afternoon and we were forced to take a pedicab to Dorotheo Jose LRT station to find a cab.

There are other alternatives though...


Yes, Uniwide still exists! And the place has so much inventory, three hours isn't enough to get around the place. We went there last weekend because I wanted to check out if they had nice Christmas trees. We found one and also reveled at the interesting available home items. Be sure though to dress lightly, bring a fan and take an antihistamine tablet (if you are asthmatic) before you go because the ventilation isn't so good and everything is covered with dust.

Pergola Mall - Robinson's BF Homes

We were lucky to catch the toy sale last month at the Pergola Mall. Robinson's has an "clearance" store at the second floor and they said that they change inventory monthly. They were selling toys and bags at 70% off. Jay and I have a lot of nephews so we went crazy and bought items which we think they would enjoy. I got my Mom a couple of bags she could glam up and she's been decorating them with beads and sequins. This month they're selling Christmas decors.

Dapitan Arcade

My high school buddies and I went to Dapitan Arcade early last month. The shops had a wide assortment of ceramic products, baskets and Christmas decors. We also spotted some shops selling native bags and treasure chests. I actually got a treasure chest set (basket) for just PhP600. If you want to check out the place, go as early as 8 in the morning so you can park your car.

Happy shopping!

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