Tuesday, November 16, 2010

John Lloyd is Apollo

Dear John Lloyd,

I now forgive you for spamming my mail because your character's name in your movie, "The Amnesia Girl" is Apollo.


Was it perhaps inspired by this?

I know, I know it was probably just a coincidence, but allow me to dream. Kilig!

Teehee :-)



Waiiiiiiit a minute... Toni Gonzaga's character name is Irene!

Irene Apollo

Aileen Apolo

Coincidence much?


  1. hehehe... nice one aileen.. you got me..

  2. my friend, don't worry, LIBRE naman ang mangarap... hehehehehe!

  3. @Faust I didn't hear Toni's name when I saw the trailer on TV, it was @jaydj who pointed it out haha

    @Orman may pagmamahal siya sa akin!

  4. point taken. .That's okay lol

  5. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Another case of lazy writers in ABS's creative department? They seem to have a penchant of naming their characters after real people:

    Tayong Dalawa - each female character was named after 20th century Hollywood actresses (Audrey, Elizabeth [Mamita], Marlene, Ingrid, Greta)

    Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo - each main character was named after singers (Steve, Celine, Selena, Gwen, Robbie, Frank, Ringo, Petulah, Astrud)

    1dol - each character was named after a song (Billy, Delilah, Aubrey, Samson)

    And that's just the character names. The story is something else :P hehehe