Monday, November 22, 2010

Live Curious

My Dad's a lawyer and when I was growing up our dinner  conversations revolved around current events most of the time. He taught us to always ask why and to be very observant. I was oftentimes too observant and curious I'd sometimes embarrass my Dad like when I was five years old and asked his law firm colleagues why they had a little pig (lechon de leche) as part of their party food. The poor pig I said. They ended up not eating the poor little pig. Haha.

Eventually I learned to keep my observations to myself and probed on things suavely. Twas honed in college and when I took graduate studies. I totally enjoyed doing research (okay so that's the nerd in me talking) and I would unbelievably go to other school libraries and even government libraries just to get information. So you can just imagine how much I truly enjoy using search engines.

A few years back the director of Google's international engineering (Kannan Pashupathy) came to Manila and chatted with students. I listened intently to what he was telling the students and he essentially told them that one should always be curious and continue to learn. Ask questions. Keep probing. Keep learning. Keep trying.

And it does make sense to keep asking questions because it is the only way to get answers. Something both my Dad and Kannan both espouse. And it's something I hope my son would learn to do as well. I'm not sure if he has noticed, but whenever he asks me a question I usually encourage him to find the answer by himself and to tell me what he has discovered. (He rarely reads my blog haha).

Anyway, I came up with the idea of making this post when Regatta and NatGeo sent me a very nice "Live Curious" shirt. Salamat mucho! And thanks to the hubby for the nice photo (di halatang I had fever noh?).

So, what have you discovered lately?



  1. Aileen, I love the shirt! Do you know whether mere mortals like me can buy one? :D