Saturday, May 30, 2009

Simple Joys

Why is it as you add more days to your life things seem to get more complicated? Or does it mean that you become less innocent, that's why things get more complicated? Does age make people more wary? 

I dunno I just realized how things are much more different today than it was five years ago. I don't think I have changed much since a few years ago. I'm still very much cowboy and prefer living a simple life. And inasmuch as I'm a lakwatsera, I prefer to stay at home when I'm in town. 

After spending the weekend with my girl friends and Miguel, I realized that I miss doing so many things and these were things that made me deliriously happy a few years ago:

1. The 200-peso Wendy's challenge. Every once in awhile, my staff-turned-barkada and I would head to Wendy's after work. I would shell out PhP200 buy burgers, fries and iced tea for all 5 to 6 of us (yup kasya siya!). We'd also spend a couple of hours just chatting at Wendy's.

2. Wengweng and Chicken Sisig. Back when I was still allowed to drink alcoholic beverages, my best friend and I would spend our Friday evenings at Giligans. Of course, we were both unattached back then and had the time of our lives sipping Weng-weng. And I'd never forget the time that I had to do a McGyver on her sandals. LOL.

3. Monday morning reporting. Every Monday morning I'd have my staff give weekly reports. I was very strict with this. I had set targets for their work and usually left them alone to do their thing the whole week. Everyone looked forward to Monday meetings because we'd usually move immediately to fun matters when they report that they have completed or exceeded their targets. I got complaints from the manager next door because my team was very noisy. LOL. BUT, my boss was very cool about it since she knew we were meeting our targets (she never told us to shut up). 

4. Mantrade and the FX. I could only laugh now at the time that I spent a couple of months sulking in the FX on the way to work. The other passengers probably thought I was crazy because I'd be so emo (read: crying) on the way to work. They probably thought I hated my work so much I'd cry about it every morning, but that was over a broken heart. Ambaduy! I also miss Mantrade since I worked in that area for 5 years. And I miss the kwek-kwek and the White House longganisa.

5. Pink. I know now it's funny. And my other best friend is thankful that I've gotten over my pink phase. Oh yes, like Elle Woods I used to wear pink almost every day to work. HR got hooked by it and had the Wednesday uniform in pink (I had nothing to do with it promise)! And I'd only wear the uniform on Wednesdays. LOL.  

And I miss having the time to dabble on my bead-work. Oh well, things change. Cheerios! 


  1. Simple lang - matanda na tayo. Hehehe.

  2. Yeah things change. But what's amazing about changes is that you learn something new about yourself. So, it's still cool! ;)