Thursday, May 21, 2009

Charice, the Little Girl with the Big Voice

Before Charice became THE CHARICE I watched her compete on Little Big Star and I thought she had such an awesome voice as young as she was back then. Eventually my Pinoy colleagues started talking about her when one of them chanced upon her video on Youtube and that was weeks before people started talking about her here.

And she definitely made it BIG. An international star at such a young age.

A few weeks ago I got a chance to witness the big voice from the little girl (as Oprah coined says Charice) at the launch of her new album "Charice, my Inspiration". And she was simply awesome! You'd really wonder where she gets the power of her voice since she is very tiny. She sang a couple of songs from her new album, including the duet with her Mom. It was touching to see how they both just focused on each other as they did their duet (Charice's Mom is shy, she never looked at the audience during the song hehe).

I wonder if Charice when will Charice visit Google/Youtube hehe.

Check out more info about her new album over at

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