Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dad at 76

Happy, happy birthday to the best Dad in the whole wide world!

I cannot help but admire my Dad. He has definitely lived his life to the fullest and has served so many people! The other day on the way to Lucban my Mom told a story about how they used to visit the high-security section of the Muntinlupa City jail. 

I was a kid back then and all I remember about it are the frames and decor that they would bring home whenever they visited. I didn't know that Dad helped out some to go free because they were innocent. And that's just one of the many services that Dad has done, I know because we used to get a lot of fruit, pastries and even chickens as gratitude payment for his help (we still do actually).

And that's what my Dad has instilled in all of us. I just hope I measure up someday!

**Photo by Miguel. So now you guys know where I got my nose :)


  1. Happy birthday dad ! :)

    Plugging: He also published some books, the latest entitled "Solutions Not Lampoons" - Quo vadis: Philippines ? Towards ?

    It's a 138 page book containing his personal insights on the current political issues and possible solutions as well as a well-rounded perspective on the problems our country currently faces.

    If you're interested, kindly inquire with Aileen for more info. :)

  2. lucban. as in pansit lucban?? nagutom tuloy ako ..