Monday, June 23, 2008

A Taste of Beauty at Taste Asia

If I were a Disney princess I'd probably be Cinderella. Not because I'm maltreated and have wicked sisters (I have an Ate and Kuya who are loving and supportive!), but I feel I'm like Cinderella because I usually end up working and doing so much stuff that I simply just don't bother with fixing myself up. But I'm not losyang!!! I'm not just the type to spend so much time in front of a mirror and you'd only probably see me all dolled-up when I'm being a professional abay (a.k.a. bridesmaid na naman!). So unless it's a ball and a fairy godmother does things to me you'll just see me in my usual simple, casual get-up (I seriously believe in #9).

Anyway, I got a scolding from my best friend a few weeks ago since she noticed I have resorted to a shirt & jeans ensemble whenever I go out (even to speaking engagements! bah!). Okay, okay, fine fine and the subject also came up when friends from Ponds brought up the subject of doing a party for bloggers. And before I digress even more, I just want to share this invitation being extended to all bloggers by Ponds (feel free to blog about it too) -

For: All bloggers
What: Taste of Beauty at Taste Asia (party!!!)
When: July 4, 2008, Friday, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Taste Asia (beside SM Hypermarket) at the Mall of Asia

It's a party about being your best! Want an iPhone? I heard they're planning to host a contest and the "I" gadget was mentioned!

The party is open to guys and gals! Guy bloggers must bring a girl friend and girl bloggers must bring more girl friends! To join, REGISTER HERE. (I'm really excited to see how they'll dress up Taste Asia!).

So back to my kwento, I Twitted and Plurked about a strange dream I had last week and here's the story -

Happy Birthday Sweetie!



    At ginamit talaga Twitter as a prop. HAHA!

    Have fun!

  2. very good video tita alieen this is JC from the apolo...7 haroooy!!!wew!!

  3. Taste of Beauty at Taste Asia...that will be exciting! Good luck and enjoy.

  4. ponds? dare i go? hahahaha!

  5. Hello, Ms. Aileen...Parang sobrang girly naman itong event, wala yatang room for guys dyan eh..

    Taste of Beauty? Pwede ba kaming maging beauty? ..And 1 more thing, can we really taste beauty? Well, whatever, see you guys out there na lang.

  6. Happy birthday to your Sweetie. ((hugs))
    Love you both :D

  7. Ang ganda mo, sister :) What can I say... as beautiful as a bride, EHEM! hahaha.

  8. Ms. Aileen, hello po! ill be joining with my friends, i hope too see you at SM Sucat also. Thanks
    More Power! and God Bless!
    Ms. Loida

  9. hi sis, after we have fun at the Coke blogger event by bestfriend Sheng will surely be there...i know that this will be equally fun

  10. Thanks for the info, Ms. Aileen! Will be there with Diane and another friend.