Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mangaholix (MangaMania 2008)

Miguel and I went to the Mall of Asia for his lessons at the Lego Mindstorms Robotics Center and wondered why there were quite a number of people dressed up in costume. I thought that there was probably a cosplay photo-shoot or something by the bay area. After his lessons we saw more and more people dressed up in costume and eventually Sweetie asked someone if there was an event at the SMX. We had planned to go to the World Trade Center after having lunch to take a peek at the trade event, but upon hearing that there was a huge "Mangaholix" event at the SMX we decided to spend sometime there before going to WTC.

I've never experienced this kind of event since I only experience manga through some friends and Miguel's stories. I was already dazed even before we entered the hall. I've never seen so many people dressed up as manga/anime characters in my whole life. And well it was a totally different experience for me. My boys were simply in heaven ha-ha. They both got some comic books and I was so green since I left empty handed. (I should've bought a character hat! I could wear it during ToyCon, oh well... I'm trying to convince the boys to wear costumes during ToyCon... asa pa ako). It was mighty fun and here's my vlog about it -

Photos available at my Multiply site.

We did go to the trade event at the WTC. The event was zzzzz... so let's not talk about that anymore coz we were sorely disappointed with it. We caught the first part of the World Pyrolympics on the way home and decided to park first and watch. Here's a bit of what I managed to capture on video using my mobile phone:


  1. Hey Aileen! Uy sorry I wasn't at the booth when you dropped by! Haha! Our booth was a bit sad at Mangaholix... sayang! When you dropped by I was at CSCentral splurging my hard-earned money on Takeshi's Castle DVDs... how sad. =D

  2. @tarugoman - haha Takeshi's Castle DVDs! It's okay nangulit pa rin ako dun. I volunteered nga to be dressed up for ToyCon! Hahahaha.

  3. @Mama Aileen - YES! You're going to Cosplay?! Woo! This I gotta see! Actually, a lot of us from Yehey are also planning to Cosplay haha! We'll see what happens! ^_^

  4. @tarugoman - willing ako, wala lang ako costume =)