Saturday, June 2, 2007


Goodness gracious! Great scott! Oh-my-gaaaaaawd!


Last month when Janette told me she was going to launch a writing project called the "Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2007", I said, sure I'll write about it since the aim of the project is to help out newbies in the blogosphere. I thought also that it would encourange shy bloggers to be more passionate about their blog. It surely helps when you know that people read your blog. Who knows? We just might get the title "blogging capital of the world"! And that would be another feather on our salukot.

Okay, so I just sent a SMS to Janette and told her I'm hyperventilating over the latest results of the project. It's really surprising and overwhelming coz I've always been shy about my writing. But blogging has helped me come out of my shell, meet many more people, have a topic to speak about when dining with CEOs (and they've requested me to give a workshop on "Blogging for CEOs"!), connect with old and new friends, learn about new things (especially the techie stuff!) and, of course, this is my way of promoting the good side of our country (through my travels, gimmicks and mishaps).

I would like to thank --- super, duper to the max thank everyone who reads my blogs (An Apple a Day, Stitching, Lakwatsera Ako, Twisted Wedding Planner and Homegrown) and a huge, warm hug to those who mentioned me in their Top 10.

It's not too late yet, join the writing project - just mention your top 10 fave blogs (make sure they only started blogging after August 2006) and then drop Janette a line at her writing project post for your entry to be included.

And, I would just like to reiterate that I hope you'd blog about what a great country we have and why people should visit us. Bloggers! Let's unite and help our economy! I heard SEO Philippines will be doing the same soon. Chin up! Be proud you're Pinoy!

Warm, fuzzy feeling...

*Photo by Sasha Manuel (and no I'm not pregnant LOL).


  1. Congratulations Aileen and hope to see more writing project entries. We still have 8 weeks to go.

  2. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Wow, you're 1st after 3 weeks. Nice!

    Janette's project is great... It's introducing me to some really good, new blogs out there. Like yours. New to visiting your blog, but I'll be back. :)

    ... and I can't believe I'm currently in 6th. Flattering, yet bizarre, lol. I guess I should enjoy it, because it probably won't last since there are many weeks left, hehe.

  3. Ang ganda mo, sister! :D Good luck with all your plans. All of them will be in place... eventually :)

  4. @janette - it's a great project Janette! Glad to hear a lot of people are picking it up.

    @fruityoaty - It's overwhelming right? And nakaka-pressure!

    @christina - of course! Maganda ako coz we're sisters! Hehehe. Love you!