Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Help! Miguel's Turning 13!

I need help from my mommy readers and those who have kid brothers who just celebrated their 13th birthday. Heeeeelpppp!!!

Miguel's turning 13!!!

Hyperventilating again. Haha.

Anyway, I never had any problems setting up his birthday parties in the past. Miguel's parties were always themed and I usually did it on my own. I could even whip up a party in less than a week! I'd also get the help of my nephews and nieces (when they're vacationing from Jakarta) in decorating our home. Since they're so good at making art pieces it's always quite a challenge for them.

We've gone through Pokemon, Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh (that's my fault!), Super Friends and whatever! But a Shrek party is definitely out of the question! Miguel might disown me if I do such a thing. My amigas who already have children have been bugging me to help them in preparing for their kids birthday parties (I must have missed my calling and should've just been a wedding coordinator/events planner).

And now I'm at a loss on what to do. He's growing up! And is now in high school! And they say that turning 13 is something you really have to celebrate. It is a rite of passage. I remember my Mom prepared a birthday bash for me when I turned 13. The only significant thing I remember about it is being allowed to invite boys to attend! LOL. Hmmm... no girls yet for Miguel! Noooo!!!

I just have 17 days to come up with a plan and with all the work I'm currently swamped with, I'm really lost!

Goodness! What do I do? What do I do?

*Photo circa 1999. Miguel recites "Lines for My Mother", a poem used normally by high school students. I remember at that age Miguel had the books of the Bible (old and new testament) memorized! Mana sa Mommy eh. LOL.


  1. im no mother. obvious. but if i had a son id teach him to respect women.

  2. i see MIGUEL as a 'young man' who has the maturity to make good choices(i'm a regular reader of your blogs).

    since you've been doing the birthday party planning for him for the past 12 years, i guess it's about time he decides on how he wants to celebrate it this year - his 13th.

    from a mom of 4 'adult children'

  3. detective ? spy parties? I don't know if it will work out in here but in the states, my sis pulled it off with a detective party- they had a game where they hunted for the birthday cake and the ice cream and favors. they were divided into teams and had to find the clues around the house.

    another time she had Alien Party
    they had an alien cake, my sis made "dirt cups" (oreo cookies crushed and candy worms on top of them) then had an alien come in and entertain them

    something like that..

    Try these other sites for ideas

  4. I might have gotten here through Siyete's blog, though I'm not really sure... :P

    Anyhoo, my nephews enjoyed some "time off" with their friends, away from the noise of their parents and other older folks. (Sheesh. Can't they make their own noise for crying out loud. Too loud, even.)

    So I was saying... I think you could drop him off to a movie with some of his closest friends, and they could maybe have pizza afterwards... all his treat, of course. And you carpool, of course. Otherwise, have the parents drop them off and make arrangements with you re:curfew, etc.

    Usually, the kids would love that. And they hate staying at home, having to listen to karaoke-ing parents, unless given some free reign over an area where they can happily play with the Xbox. Just my thoughts. :D

    Good luck! Sorry for my long comment. :)

  5. Anonymous11:26 AM

    13! two of you celebrate together, with lolos/lolas, titas/titas.

    then let him celebrate and have fun with his friends, maybe at the promenade, or eastwood, or rockwell! it's his coming out party--his choice (and mom, you can just come back for him).

    now, that suggestion would depend on Miguel's preference. but do give him options, rather, ask him how he wants it to be.

    good luck!

  6. Thirteen is kind of an in-between age. I am even thinking, is there a need for a theme? :) (sorry but I have no talent for this, heheh). Maybe Star Wars? err... since Miguel is so into it! :D

    Sigh, how time flies... to think I was there for his first bday. Ang sarap ng BBQ at spaghetti na handa nun, :)

  7. Anonymous5:36 PM

    a rite to passage?
    so it's like turning 18? with all the decorations, balloons, banners, en grande celebration and stuff?

    maybe you can just ask him, since it's his day, what he would like to have on his birthday. and if it's a bit off, pwede mo isingit yung plano mo rin for him. para andun pa rin yung "touch" mo.

    baka naging party planner ka nung past life mo. *giggles*

  8. How about a day with friends in Enchanted or Water Park, then end in a pizza place with a cake. They have fun, have memories that will linger forevah, eat their fave food, and to keep the birtday "young", the venerable birthday cake. He's gonna love you!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    By the way about Baguio bloggers, yes, I'm based in Baguio but as far as Baguio bloggers are concerned-- meaning that they blog from here, I have not heard yet, but yesterday I saw a big group of La Trinidad, Benguet bloggers-- a whole community. That would be good too.

  9. Anonymous8:42 PM

    Close down Timezone and have Miguel and his friends play all they want.

  10. @rmacapobre - don't worry max, he won't be like that guy :)

    @marc's mom - that's a good point po!

    @noemi - i had miguel go through the comments and he enjoyed looking at the links you sent.

    @g - appreciate the long comment! we're now thinking of what to do since he wants to invite a mix of young and old people. he actually wants to invite my friends too!

    @sexymom - i think i'm still quite lucky, miguel doesn't have a barkada yet! mana sa akin hehehe, nerd bah. pero bawing-bawi na ngayon haha.

    @christina - 13 years from now you'll be asking me the same question. can't wait to see my nephew! coming soon!

    @avy - siguro nga noh? maybe nga coz it just comes naturally :p

    @baguiodweller - enchanted!!! i like i like! ay oo nga pala, it's his party. hahaha. i'll think of something! i'll probably be there in august!

    @andrew - oooohhh!!! i'm sure he'll be thrilled to do just that! sama rin ako! hahaha.

  11. Is your son into sports? How about inviting all his friends for an afternoon game of bowling, volleyball, basketball, swimming, etc.... have the party done in a sports club. and set up a buffet of the kids (and their parents too) favorite food which everyone can enjoy after the games. You can give away printed t-shirts which the kids can changed into after the sweating games.

  12. Anonymous6:25 AM

    i agree with sexymom. masakit man sa akin to ganon din ang ibibigay kong option sa kanya ,huhuhu! 13?? huhuhu!

    pero nung 13th birthday ko naghanda lang mommy ko sa bahay tapos dumating friends ko. kwentuhan kami, at saka patintero :D

  13. Anonymous1:35 AM

    Pwede Playboy party? :)

  14. @leah tm - my son's quite nerdy (like me!) hehehe.

    @lady cess - di bale, I'd be around when your kids start becoming teeners!

    @marc - grrrrr!!! no way!!! :)

  15. how about a painting or a drawing party? wherein you invite his friends, provide ample supply of painting or drawing materials (which the other kids can keep and bring home too) and conduct a painting or drawing contest too. Or an on-line game party? Rent the entire internet cafe, let all the kids play and feed them afterwards.hehehehee.
    my 13 y.o. son just asked me to buy him a new cellphone (Sony Ericsson W810i) on his birthday so there was no party-planning headache anymore.