Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Last Friday night Sasha asked me to go with her to an event at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel. I said yes without even asking what it was really about since I planned to go to that area anyway for a meeting in the afternoon and I just wanted to hang-out after 2-weeks of non-stop work (oh yes, I'm quite the workaholic).

I made nenok these photos from Sasha hehehe.
(Top LR) Daniel, Me, Markku (my endorser for the day), Ederic, Karla; Karla, Markku, Nils, Me
(Bottom L-R) Sasha, Nils, Me; Me and Markku sporting caps

The event was the launch of I was kinda shy to go since I thought I wasn't really invited and I was just there to accompany Sasha. Anyway, Karla Maquiling said she sent me an invitation to my other email address which I unfortunately only open once in a while. Upon arrival I met president/CEO Nils Johnson and the friendly creative director Daniel Neumann and we immediately traded stories about the mobile market and experiencing Silicon Valley. I was quite pleased to see other blogger friends - Markku, Gail, Ederic and J. Angelo with wife Caren. is good news for Pinoys based abroad. The service basically allows you to send load (phone credits) to your Pinoy friends and relatives who own Globe, Smart or Sun prepaid units. My previous jobs involved a number of mobile services and I know sending load online isn't new, but what sets from the rest of the pack are:

(1) they don't add a service charge on top of the load amount you are buying;
(2) they're based in the US and this gives the buyers there some peace of mind; and
(3) you can actually request for load from a relative/friend based abroad!

Ya know why I think this will work? A colleague of mine was asking me earlier today how he could get credits for his Smart Buddy sim without getting charged $5 for PhP1,000 worth of load. And he said, "I don't wanna get 1-2-3!". Aba! Fil-am alam ang 1-2-3! LOL.

Sayang di ako prepaid!

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  1. Anonymous3:59 PM

    can i use aryty to send load to singapore like i send to philippines?