Sunday, May 26, 2024

Typhoon Aghon

Our first typhoon finally came, Typhoon Aghon. I think it's quite rare not to have typhoons in the first few months of the year. I didn't notice we haven't had a typhoon in the past few months. Last year there were only 17 typhoons in the country. Normally there's more than 20, so it's been really unusual. That's also probably why summer has been terribly hot. 


It's been raining non-stop since yesterday. My plants are fully soaked. It's been a nice kind of rain in our area, but other areas have had it bad with flooding. I saw on the news that there are areas where trees have fallen. I hope everyone will be safe since the typhoon is still hanging around until Wednesday. 

Our cats have chosen to stay dry by our front door. We were surprised most of them were hanging out together there. Poor Mando was left alone in the laundry area by her siblings. She was calling us to come out and play with her from the kitchen window. We indulged her, of course, and was surprised she allowed us to pet her. Soon enough her siblings visited her and she quieted down. 

My favorite weatherman (meteorologist), Ariel Rojas, said the hot weather may come back after the typhoon leaves. Ugh. It's not rainy season yet since DOST-PAGASA hasn't checked off all the indicators. I hope the typhoons this year will be gentler. Just enough to water the plants and re-fill the dams. 

Stay safe and don't forget to pray!

#BeKind #StaySafe

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