Friday, May 31, 2024

Resumed Pulmo Rehab

It's been a month since I last attended my pulmo rehab. I was finally able to attend today since I was feeling a bit better. I was strangely coughing on and off during my session. I wasn't coughing as much yesterday. 

My doctor prescribed salinase for me since I was coughing during my consultation. I think the cough got scared of my doctor because I promptly stopped coughing by evening. I had very little cough yesterday and haven't bought the salinase. I will buy it today to make sure the cough resolves fully. My doctor said it's post-nasal drip. 

The exercises during my session were light. My therapist made sure I didn't get too tired. We basically just woke up my body since I've been resting for most of the month. I also gave him an update on what happened and how I've been coping. We did not do any spinning today and will resume that in two weeks. I'll still try to do some spinning to see how much I can do per day. 

Life goes on. My focus now would be to regain my strength. I hope I'll be back on track in two months. 

#BeKind #StaySafe

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