Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Working in the Walk-in Closet, my Unique Workplace

Earlier today a dear friend, Chelle, pinged me to say that I should blog about my unique work place. (Here it is Chelle!).

It's been almost five years since I vacated my enviable corner office which had a grand view of the Manila Bay horizon and the Skyway. At the end of the day I'd always sit back on my huge executive swivel chair and watch the beautiful Manila Bay sunset. It was perfect almost everyday.

I manage to work anywhere because when I was a kid I never had a study table. I did most of my homework on the floor. Typed my research papers on my Mom's Olympus typewriter on the floor. Did my science and home eco projects in the garden or kitchen. And it hasn't been any different now that I work at home (well, most of the time).

In the past five years I have been moving from one nook to another at home to complete my tasks and here are some of them:

1. The Walk-in Closet - I have been working in my walk-in closet in the past 16 days because this is where mobile internet works best in my new home. PLDT's plan to do simultaneous transfer of my line has been an utter failure because their system keeps hanging (I don't know why). Mind you I don't have any clothes in this room, but have transformed it into my craft room. No boys allowed, haha.

2. The Dining/Kitchen - the house where I used to live is quite tiny so the dining room and kitchen are interconnected. I spent most of my time working on our dining table because it was cooler in that area. The ref was conveniently located just a few feet away. This arrangement also allowed me to multi-task -- cooking or doing the laundry.

3. The Basement - I had three work areas in my basement: (1) the Greenwich room (because I had the walls painted apple green); (2) the sala; and (3) my bedroom. I spent a lot of time in the Greenwich room and this is where I blogged a lot. Number 2 and 3 were quite boring and I was eventually forced to evacuate my basement because of Typhoon Ondoy.

4. Miguel's Room - I set up shop in Miguel's second floor bedroom after Typhoon Ondoy. The only thing I managed to save from the flood was my desktop PC, Theodore! After staying in his room for 2 months I eventually went back to the basement and moved out when I got married.

5. The Computer Room/Den - I do have a proper office (after 4 years). When I got married, Jay and I agreed that we would set-up a proper work area and we did. Our new den has been freshly painted with apple green paint (it makes me more creative) and in it hangs the "Maria Makiling Google Chrome theme artwork".

But despite having a proper office (complete with desk and executive chair), I find myself working more in my non-conventional work places. What about you? What is your work place like?

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  1. We have an actual desk for the PC, but it's right in the dining room, which we don't really use anymore. This is where I'm usually found every weekday night.

    When I travel though, it's just me, Kabuki (my Acer), and the gorgeous view of wherever I'm working from :)