Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cherry Mobile Launches Android Phones and Tablet

Last night I had the privilege of attending the launch of the first local branded line of Android phones. Cherry Mobile showcased last night their own set of Android phones and tablet.

Yes, you read it right TABLET. The very first locally branded Android tablet available in the Philippines.

When I tweeted about this bit of news I got a lot of questions about it. And thanks to Reggie of Cherry Mobile, I got a personalized demo of the Android tablet which I managed to upload via mobile internet! Here's the video -

Here are a couple of things why I am interested to buy an Android tablet:

1. The OS. I have gotten used to my Android phone and it definitely made my life easier since I don't need to lug around my laptop that much when I go out.

2. The camera. I am very much interested to use the tablet to blog! I wasn't so active in uploading photos on Facebook before I got my Android phone. Things changed after I got my phone and I have since been sharing photos on Facebook and Twitter regularly.

3. E-book reader. A colleague of mine introduced me to Kindle last year and I wanted to get one, but found it quite expensive. I actually still bring books whenever I go out (and that's why I have huge bags!). This means I don't need to lug around books anymore!

4. Docs and spreadsheets. Most (if not all) of my documents are on the cloud. One of the things I liked about Reggie's demo was when he started typing rapidly on the tablet. I oftentimes need a pad or notebook to write down stuff whenever my muse bugs me and then I end up re-typing it. With the tablet I won't need to do any re-typing!

5. And it's a phone too! You can connect to the internet not only via wifi, but also thru 3G! Awesome.

Now I have to save up to buy this thing. For more information, price and specs about Cherry Mobile's line of Android phones, please visit


  1. I'm wondering about the battery life of this thing?
    Something I could grab to still my hunger until I have enough for an iPad, if it's not more expensive than that. :)

  2. @Kevin sorry forgot to mention it. Reggie said it would work on a full day on 3G. Same as my Nexus One :)

  3. Samsung's in trouble!

  4. Nice. Kaso ang mahal pa. I've heard there are android tables in quiapo/divisoria area for PHP5k. But I guess those doesn't have the phone capabilities. Just tablet. But at PHP5k, panalo na.

  5. @Andrew well comparatively you get the price you pay for, the Samsung tablet's more powerful.

    @Noel ako nag-tsismis nun sa Twitter haha. I was just in Divi the other day and the small tablet costs PhP3,500, add PhP1,300 for the keyboard. The bigger one is PhP5,200 (same size as the Cherry Mobile tablet) on Android 2.0.

  6. This looks sweet. Does this run Froyo already? Which is better kaya, the Redfox WizPad or this one?

  7. @Rom I haven't seen the Redfox WizPad. I should bug John about it.

  8. Sweet! I was waiting for the galaxy tab, but this came along, and might already enough for me. Does this come with a camera?

  9. lagot na mga high end products. well techonology should be cheap kase it tends to depreciate often.

  10. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Can i bring to the US?

  11. Great review Aileen.. This will be one "sweet, nice to have" device, for Christmas.. Hoping this could also be part of our tech arsenals in our university's Android RnD..

  12. @Anonymous I'm not sure what band the US uses now, best to check the specs at

    @Gregg that would be great!

  13. Anonymous7:12 PM

    The Superion is a pad that's also a phone which runs on Froyo (2.2) which is the latest version of Android. Here are its features:

    Android OS 2.2
    Quadband GSM, 850/900/1900/2100
    Triband UMTS 900/1900/2100
    7” WVGA Capacitive Touchscreen
    Qualcomm MSM 7227 600 MHz Processor
    512 MB ROM, 512 MB RAM
    Expandable memory up to 32GB
    3G/HSDPA Connectivity
    Standard Mini USB 2.0
    3.5mm headphone jack
    Ambient Light Sensor
    Google Mobile Services (Gmail, Maps, Marketplace)
    3 mega pixels with Auto-Focus (back)
    VGA Camera (front)
    Price: PhP19,900

  14. Anonymous12:07 AM

    this is a coomon to all smartphones either runs with symbian series, androids, apple, etc. it's about updating the software and firmwares of such device. does this device also can be updated when qualcom or to which has releases new versions of android? pls kindly reply