Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is the reason why I have been amiss with blogging.

We have just moved to a new home. After our house hunting mishap an opportunity to move back to the street where I grew up presented itself (just 7 houses away!).

We wanted to move for 2 reasons: (1) to be nearer to my parents (my Dad's 78 and Mom's turning 75); and (2) the house we were living at was showing signs of old age. We originally targetted moving my summer of 2011, but reason number one needed to be immediately answered.

It was a Monday when we saw the “house for rent” sign. Mom called up the number to check who owned the house and to ask if we could check it out. Two days later we checked out the house and immediately liked it. It had enough space to accommodate my work stuff and a nice little garden. Honestly though the magic feature was “walk-in closet”. Haha. The landlord sweetened up to the idea of having us as tenants because he knew that I was born and bred in our village. Thirty six hours later we signified out commitment.

What was tricky though was breaking our commitment with our very nice 80-year old landly. Good thing though she's my Mom's friend, so my Mom took care of breaking the news to her. She understood that I needed to be near my Dad at this time and knew that we have fixed her house to the best of our ability (see what happened here).

We could've moved in immediately, but I had to go out of town for work. We scheduled our move on Wordcamp day, so we were left just a few days to pack. We only managed to pack in the evenings since Sweetie and I both had work. One thing to remember: HAVE BOXES MORE THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE (or count). We didn't have enough and ended up placing some of our stuff in trash bags (unlabelled).

We finished moving in one day. I had to take a half-day because I had a commitment for Wordcamp, but I'm proud to say my boys managed the move perfectly. So Jay, Miguel, me, Pork, And, Beans, together with my lovely plants are in a new home. It's all still very messy and I'm just working on SmartBro for now, but in a couple of weeks I'm sure things will be fall in proper order.

Special thanks to our parents (Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad), Titay for the help and boxes; and Duty Free Philippines for the free boxes (it helped A LOT); and our moving team, Lito, Rommel and nephew, Manong Junior and Joshua; and thank you Google and Derek Callow for the Maria Makiling Google Chrome theme on canvass. It's now installed near my workstation and it's providing really great inspiration.

Whew! Another day in the de Jesus household.


  1. All I can say is "We did it!" :) We are much more comfortable than we were for the past 9 months. But I guess I didn't notice it cause I was just happy to be with my new family. :)

  2. Hi Aileen, moving into a new place is a great experience, but i always find the moving process not fun probably because i am the guy so i had to do all the lifting myself, boxing stuffs are enjoyable though.

    over the years ive had 4 lipat bahays, and everytime, the lipat process gets more difficult kasi nga di ba, you're accumulating stuffs, dumadami na ang mga gamit sa bahay,

    lipat bahay is also one great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things.

    I wish you well and blessings on your new place. God will surround that place with His angels to guard your family and your mom and dad.

  3. @Jay I am glad we moved! =)

    @Novell oh my! I can just imagine how things will be when we move again. I'm lucky I have Jay and Miguel to help with all the lifting. I'm sure though they both wouldn't want to move anytime soon haha. Thank you for your well wishes :)