Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Derailed Political Career and the Barangay Elections

Once upon a time I dreamt of becoming mayor of my city. That was many, many years ago when I was a Political Science and Legal Management student. I had grand ambitions and was invited to run as Sangguniang Kabataang chair for my barangay.

I was confident that I could do it since I was quite active in my community and I had just finished my thesis about the SK. I understood the nooks and crannies and had a good idea on how to make things work. I was gung-ho until my Mom put a wrench on my political ambition.

She didn't want me to get into politics.

My Dad was the first barangay chairman in our barangay. I wasn't even born yet then, but my Mom explained that things were really crazy. People flocked to our home and would knock at the oddest hours. Safety was also a huge concern. My Dad loved it and was constantly invited to run for office, but my Mom didn't. My Dad's love for my Mom bore more weight than his political ambition so he never ran for office ever again.

I guess that was one of the times I had to choose a path. Had I taken that path I would've likely worked for the Senate and I would be leading a totally different life now. The reason why my Mom didn't want me to get into politics wasn't because of the security risks, but she wanted to protect my values. And based on the in-depth study we (my thesismates) did about the Sangguniang Kabataan, my values would've likely been compromised again and again.

So I remain an ordinary citizen, helping people with my work through a different way. And I bear the mark -- my forefinger looks like it was hammered again. I am hopeful, because I have bottomless optimism, that the newly elected barangay officials would carry out my dream of having a better life for everyone.



  1. I'm glad mom had a handy wrench then. LOL!
    Running for office is a life nowhere near private and quiet.

    Anyway, you've achieved becoming mayor.... on foursquare. :)

  2. @Jay True! And seeing all the people yesterday flock to our neighbor's place (the barangay captain) made me realize what my Mom was telling me. Kaloka! Well, I am mayor of Barangay Sun Valley... on Foursquare! Haha!

  3. agree with Jay...politics is so magulo and scary, too. Anyway, you can still help our country in your own way naman.

  4. Jingo3:55 PM

    Aileen for Mayor! :)

  5. @Jingo hey! There you are! Been meaning to ask if we can post our thesis online. Meron kasi mga nagtatanong.