Friday, August 6, 2010

The Top Emerging Philippine Destinations (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my post about the "Top Emerging Philippine Destinations". (Part one is here.)

Region VII, Central Visayas Region

The Philippine tarsier (Bohol).

Dumaguete. I go to this region often since it is where Cebu is located. I have been wanting to go to Dumaguete though since college because my best friend stayed there for a few weeks for the National Writers Workshop at Siliman University. She said that Dumaguete is such a romantic place. You can just walk around and be inspired to write. Aside from the famous Siliman University, Dumaguete also has one of the country's best dive sites, Sumilon Island and Apo Island.

Region VIII, Eastern Visayas Region

I Shall Return!

Catarman, Northern Samar. In this region I've only visited Tacloban (Leyte) and Ormoc and (as usual) I was just there for about 24 hours. I only managed to see MacArthur's monument and Ormoc's port from afar (poor me!). I have not been to Catarman and did some reading about it. The province is the center of arts, education and commerce in the province (lots of schools!). It's probably a place where you can relax a bit and just chill.

Region IX, Zamboanga Peninsula Region

Dapitan. Zamboanga is one province that I have almost been to twice. Almost because my trips have always been cancelled at the last minute, but I am really keen to go this year (for the Mindanao Bloggers Summit) and see my techie-friends, Yolynne, Ryan and Jerome in their hometown. Anyway, Dapitan is located in Zamboanga del Norte and is known to be our country's "Shrine City" because it was where our national here, Jose Rizal, was exiled. Dapitan is also known for the beach resort "Dakak". Crossing my fingers that I'll be able to go later this year!

Region X, Northern Mindanao

My video blog on Cagayan de Oro.

Cagayan de Oro. Ahhh I've been to CDO many times already. It is truly the "City of Golden Friendship" that's why I've been there countless of times already. There's so much you can do in Cagayan de Oro and I went white water rafting on my very first visit (way back in 2004) and did the tree top walk (dare to look down to see the awesome caves). Last year I finally got to visit the Divine Mercy Shrine and the Ostrich Farm. Bukidnon is also just a stone's throw away from CDO so I always try to visit Del Monte's pineapple farm (as far as the eye could see). Also nearby is Mindanao's "Baguio" called "Buda". More about Cagayan de Oro in my travel blog, Lakwatsera Ako.

Region XI, Davao

Beautiful Samal Island during my visit back in 2009.

Samal. I want Davao to be my home (only if I could) and last year I managed to vacay with my high school buddies. Our first stop was Samal Island. We proceeded to Samal Island from the airport and stayed there the whole day. You can now go to Samal via bus, but we took a short ferry ride and got off Paradise Island (there are quite a number of resorts there). Aside from the beach there are a lot of things you can do in Samal Island - there's a mini zoo, lots of plants, a giant slide etc. etc. Read up more about Samal Island in my travel blog.

Region XII, Soccksargen Region

One of my two video blogs about GenSan.

Saranggani. I go to General Santos often in this region, but haven't been to Saranggani. My friends though have shared with me really great tales about Saranggani. Beautiful beaches. Yummy food. Lots of activities to experience (caves, waterfalls, rainforests). And I can only sit here in front of my PC and dream that someday I'll be able to visit Saranggani (and hopefully to see PacMan!).

Region XIII, Caraga

Butuan. Another place I almost went to (last week sana!), but my schedule didn't permit me to go so one of my friends went. Butuan is home to a number of festivals, Abayan Festival, The Kahimunan Festival and Adlaw Hong Festival. I'm looking forward to sampling my friend's pasalubong, durian polvoron!

ARMM. Perfect place for nature lovers with its lovely beaches and rich rain-forests. This region is also home to kulintang music.

It's quite easy to go to these destinations. All you need to do is book a flight through Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific.


  1. Thanks for including Region VIII, particularly Leyte and the MacArthur shrine in your list of Top Emerging Philippine Destinations.

    Too bad you haven't had a chance to see the statues up close. I live about a kilometer from the park, so I get to see Apo Doug almost every day.

    Next time you and the hubby are in the area, buzz me up on Twitter.


  2. @Joel the list is from Philtoa. I still couldn't forget the night I spent at the old hotel in Tacloban! Haha.

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