Friday, August 20, 2010

Lumina Pandit

Allow me to verge away from the depressing previous post. I actually started a follow-up post, but something's just not right and I thought I'd postpone writing about it for now.

So before my weekend was ruined by that bad taxi driver I managed to visit University of Sto. Tomas with Sweetie and blogger friends, Nina, Juned and Winston. We were in the area because Miguel was taking his college entrance exam at Mapua, so we headed to UST after eating breakfast in Intramuros.

Met with with our blogger friends at the UST main building and then proceeded to tour the UST Museum Arts and Sciences (check out my post on Lakwatsera Ako). Rested a bit at the new quadrangle and then went to the UST Library lobby for  the "Lumina Pandit" exhibit.

I was amazed at the collection of books that was in the exhibit. Here's a few of them:

La Guerra Judaica by Flavius Josephus (1492)
(This is the oldest book in their collection. I wonder how they
managed the fully justified margins back 500 years ago?).

De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium by Nicholaus Copernicus (1543)
(According to the curator there are only 200 of these books in existence).

They have books in alibata writing, the Doctrina Christiana and many others I would've loved to scrutinize (we unfortunately did not finish our tour since we had to pick up Miguel). One thing that caught my attention was the 1507 World Map. I tried to look for the Philippines on it but failed.

In exhibition were other old Philippine maps. I hope to see one day an overlay of all these maps so we can see how our country evolve geographically!

Anyway, do visit this awesome exhibit and learn more about our history. I'd like to visit again to view the grades of four Philippine presidents and 6 Supreme Court chief justices!

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  1. Dianne velarde9:29 PM

    nice shots.thanks for visiting the exhibit. btw, i'm one of the curator before.probably i toured you or seen you.:))