Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Month

What can I say, Sweetie and I have been married for more than a month now. When we realized this a week ago (last January 26), Sweetie said, "Wow! We survived!" I agreed because:

(1) I travel a lot but I have lived in the same home since birth. 
(2) I don't cook and I don't really know how to cook (I'm just all-theory!).
(3) I never really had any household chores save for washing dishes once in awhile. 

So you can just imagine how apprehensive I was about moving. Caring for my own family. And living with someone who is 100x more O-C than me. My Mom was apprehensive about the last point since she likes everything neat too. She tried to mold me properly, but she just eventually gave up when she realized that I have my own way of organizing things.

We "cheated" a lot in the first few weeks. We ate loads of leftovers (good thing we had lots of family get-togethers). We had our laundry done at my Mom's when our washing machine went wild (perfect excuse that it had to be repaired). Ironing was also done by my Mom's helper. Miguel stayed over with my Mom until his cousins all went back to the States and Jakarta. So Sweetie and I just basically had to worry about fixing the house and things just fell into place when we had our tiny home blessed.

So it's just me, Sweetie and Miguel now. My parents left yesterday for a long vacation. The leftovers have been long gone and I have been trying my hand at cooking. Started with adobo, then afritada and a lot of fried and sauteed stuff (prepared dishes and canned goods).  I have 2 knife cuts though from slicing veggies, but it's okay, I think it's part of the learning process. We have also managed to tame our washing machine with help from Samsung (great customer service!). Ironed Miguel's uniform last weekend (I should watch more YT vids about it).

Misis na misis ba?


  1. You're doing great ! Everybody has to start somewhere. Maswerte tayo we have lots of online resources and friends to ask for advise from simplest trivial things taken for granted (paanong tamang paghiwa ng sibuyas at bawang) to the household maintenance and scheduling (how much stuff should you buy in advance). I'd say we're a long way from being experts and what may take minutes for other couples may take minutes for us (after hours of online research)... but it's the joy of discovering and figuring it out together that makes it exciting. :)

    Happy 1st month to us my wife !

  2. You'll get better along the way. I wasn't very domesticated before I got married, too, but I am now. Kinda. I'm still learning more as I go a long.Happy 1st month.

  3. Happy 1st month to you both. We didn't have much of the same problems when we started out. I was crazy young then at 23 when we married. But with the help of my experiences in household since I am the eldest, I took charge of the marketing, the cleaning, and when I got married, I just had to do the cooking. But i place my hands down on laundry, arghhhh. hehe

  4. congrats ulit! good luck on your cooking experiments, i'm sure you'll turn out to be a fine cook.