Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Run for Your Life!!!

Two Saturdays ago I met this awesome guy. When I saw him he was showing off a screenshot of his cover on Men's Health. I wasn't really minding it because I was so fascinated with his hair!!!

Meet Coach Rio.

Cool hair lah? 

Sweetie and I were wondering where all the other bloggers were because we didn't know most of the people seated on our table. Apparently we were a minority because the other guests were fitness bloggers! Eeeeep! 

Now, what were we doing in a running event launch? Well, we received an invitation from and thought it would be nice to come out of our nest since we haven't really attended any event for the past couple of months (six actually). 

The guy with the really cool hair is Coach Rio. Coach Rio is probably the most popular (and famous) runner and running coach (he's coached Piolo Pascual, Derek Ramsey among others). Anyway, he gave an overview about a running event sponsored by Unilab on March 7, 2010. My doctor has advised me not to do any strenuous activity so it's my boys (Jay and Miguel) who will be running at this event. It's going to be their first so they are doing some home training now. I will be at the sidelines cheering them on.

Get more information about this event at the Unilab Wellness site.

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