Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Blogging Nation

I honestly wasn't ready yet to go out in public. I realized that when I did a speaking engagement in Iloilo just days after experiencing Typhoon Ondoy. It took every strength I had to put up a brave face and do my talk. I was still a bit of a mess and I wasn't keen on going out until I was "whole" again.

On Wednesday evening I was informed by Philippine Blog Awards president, Juned, that I was going to receive an award, digital chief, a special award from Globe. I had two days to prepare myself. Anyway with a lot of prodding from Sweetie and a mad dash around Mall of Asia to find something to wear (he didn't want me to show up wearing a Freddy Kreuger-like shirt hehehe).

So we sat at the second level of the theater. Fantastic bird's eyeview and great for photos (my settings though were a bit off). I was still apprehensive, but eventually I began to relax and enjoy the program (especially seeing the most awarded blogger of the night!) and talking with other blogger-flood victims helped too.

And there is hope. That is what I saw and felt during the blog awards. Gang Badoy mentioned in her keynote speech that bloggers have responded well and have helped out a lot during the disaster. She said, "We don't have to be united to bring forth a great nation." Indeed. We all have our own opinions, beliefs, wants, motives, needs etc., but in time of great need we all focused on one purpose, to help for relief.

And it is not over yet. We still have a lot of work to do dear friends and I hope we don't end up being complacent. We shouldn't just easily go back to our daily routine. We have to see this through together (and sana tuluy-tuloy till we finally see our country rise again).

And it is with much honor that I accept the "Globe Tattoo Digital Chief" award. Super duper thanks to Globe, especially Paulo Pena, and the Philippine Blog Awards.

Here's the list of winners:

Best Blog Design –
The Site Guy
Best Filipino Blog Abroad –
The Warped Zone
Best Foreign Blog –
My Sari Sari Store
Blogger’s Choice –
Best Filipiniana Blog –
Pilipino Komiks


Karnabal by Tuyong Tinta ng Bolpen
Finding Your Soul Mate: A Statistical Analysis
by Guttervomit
Lost Gems Of Philippine History: The 1896 Board Meeting by It’s true! It’s true!
The Diving Boys of Quezon Bridge by Dennis Villegas
Twenty Pesos by Lostphotograph
The way of the leaf by SMOKE
Portrait of a dramatic highlight in Nick Joaquin’s A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino by Gibbs Cadiz
Kaya Dumarami ang Bading Kasi… by Manila Gay Guy
The Parable of the Furry White Rabbit by Good Times Manila
The Amazing Bulul: A Story of Epiphany by The Cat Whisperer


Best Technology Blog – Jaypee Online
Best Travel Blog –
Langyaw – Sojourns and Off-the-Beaten Path Travels
Best Entertainment Blog –
Lessons From the School of Inattention
Best Personal Blog –
Writing on Air
Best Food & Beverage Blog –
Table for Three, Please
Best Family & Living Blog –
Make or Break
Best News & Media Blog –
Virtual Journals
Best Business Blog –
Negosyo Ideas
Best Sports Blog –
Fire Quinito
Best Hobby & Recreation Blog –
Bearbrick Love
Best Fashion Blog –
Who is Elyoo?
Best Photoblog –
I Am a Documentary Photographer
Best Culture and Arts Blog – Japanese Pop Culture for Filipino Fans
Best Commentary Blog –
The Marocharim Experiment
Best Videocast Blog –
Best Podcast Blog –
Brink Notes Entertainment Daily
Best Humor Blog –
The Professional Heckler
Best Gaming Blog –
Blog Mike Got Game!
Best Advocacy Blog –
Autism Society of the Philippines

Best Beauty Blog – The Doctor Is vaIN


Digital Chief - Aileen Apolo
Digital Elders - Manolo Quezon, Janette Toral, Noemi Dado, Anton Diaz, Gibbs Cadiz

Congratulations to the winners and the PBA organizers/committee and volunteers! :)

*my award Photo by Fritz


  1. Sistur.. i was really looking for the "comments" feature ... it's in tagalog pala .. "puna" hehehhe... congrats sa award!!!!

  2. @honey hehehe, na-confuse ka ba? Ako rin minsan. I will be in CDO late next week!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations sayo! Keep on blogging!

  4. Congratulations Aileen for the special award. Hail Digital Chief! =)