Sunday, October 4, 2009

O Pare Ko

Currently spending a quiet afternoon with Miguel. He's hijacked my temporary bed to review for exams tomorrow. Good thing his classmate was kind enough to lend her notes and handouts so he can review. We also managed to drop by school yesterday and got the list of required books, but only found four out of the eight in National Bookstore. I didn't realize that Goodwill Bookstore (now Bridges something) only sells college books. Anyway, I hope that Miguel's teachers would be more helpful than the Registrar told Miguel, “Dapat alam mo yung gamit mo diba?” when I requested for a list of supplies that he would need. I guess I shouldn't have expected her to be compassionate about our situation.

The 9 a.m. mass was cancelled despite the fact that the church was filled with people. It looks like our parish priest would like to force everyone to attend the 11 a.m. fiesta mass because he invited the bishop to celebrate mass. It was very difficult to park earlier, so we'll just probably attend the 4 p.m. mass with my uncle later. I spent the free time to finish a commitment for the PBA.

Since the sun was out I attempted to dry out some photos and documents and promptly got dizzy when I was called to eat lunch. Heatstroke siguro since I was under the sun from 11 to 12. I was supposed to sort out stuff, but I'm still quite dizzy so I'm just doing some light stuff (can't lie down since Miguel's on the bed).

For my Mom, thank you so much for being our strength :)

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