Saturday, October 3, 2009

In the Tunnel

Before and After

It's been a week since the Ondoy struck us here in Manila. Another typhoon, Pepeng, is currently wreaking havoc in Northern Luzon. I pray that the families experiencing Pepeng's wrath would be okay. I hope they managed to prepare for the worst.

I've been swinging between being happy and sad the whole week. There would be days I would be perfectly fine, even managing to work a bit, but there would be days when I feel like I'm still in chest deep water screaming for help.

I found solace in the people I met in Iloilo early this week. They experienced the same thing when typhoon Frank flooded Iloilo July last year. They have since moved on. My dear friend, Mabel has since given birth. She was 8 months pregnant with my godchild when their house was flooded to the roof. She doesn't remember how she managed to get up to the roof. She gave birth about two weeks later with some complications.

Seeing Kyen-Kyen reminded me that there would be life after this disaster. The bundle of energy my friend struggled to contain when we were having merienda brought me hope. It took awhile but after chatting for awhile my godchild started playing with me. And that's how things will probably be. It's going to take awhile before I'll be back to my usual self, but I will get there, hopefully sooner and not later.


  1. moving forward tayo. even me whose been used to floods is still in a semi state of shock that this was the worst one and i remember praying while i was running on adrenalin in saving everything i can while in chest deep waters. it came to a point that i had to let go of saving the material stuff and protect myself. after all, everything can be replaced, except your life.

    whatever floods we may encounter in the future, whether physical or other kinds, we will go through them together.

    take care and cheer up. we have our health, our lives and each other.

  2. I admire your strength, my friend. I've seen my share of calamities back in college when I'd volunteer to help, but I've never truly experienced having such disasters happen to me directly. I know you'll get thru this very soon!

    Punta ka muna ng Davao! :-)

  3. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I dont really know how people have reacted to the flood but I have gone to several floods myself. There was even one time when I woke up and my bed was already floating all over our bedroom. But for me i just considered it a normal part of life in the Philippines.Maybe due to the strength of this typhoon a lot more property has been damaged but it will be the same ..nothing will change the solution is to find ways to cope.Just hsaring my thoughts.