Monday, October 5, 2009

I Love My Mom

My Mom is like a drill sergeant when it comes to putting things back in order and that's a trait I unfortunately did not get from her. Most of my stuff have been thrown out but some are still lined up in the lanai, the sala, the backyard and all over the house. What little effort I have done did not even make a dent to clear out whatever is out there. But my Mom? She's really got this fantastic talent of putting things in order and I don't know how I would be without her.

Thank you Mom for being the best in the whole wide universe!


  1. yey to mom !

    Don't worry, I'll gladly take over the responsibility of putting things in order. OC ako eh. ;)

  2. @jay you can start now, teehee =)

  3. di mo ba napansin nasimulan ko na dati pa ? nasan yung docs natin ? ;)

  4. @jay That's why they're with you Sweetie :)