Monday, March 23, 2009

Mapping with Google

I was very excited about the launch of Google's geo products for the Philippines and last October it opened Google Maps for editing via Google Mapmaker. Google Mapmaker is where you can tag landmarks, trace roads in the hybrid view (if the roads aren't on the map yet), and essentially put all information about your neighborhood on the map.

It's pretty amazing how much info has been added via Google Mapmaker. Check out this timelapse video of my favorite city, Davao:

More videos available at the Google Philippines Youtube Channel.

And now since Google Maps Philippines have been updated, I can embed here some important places in the Philippines for me:

Cagayan de Oro, where Sweetie had the engagement ring hand-crafted through Honey.

Maa, Davao, where the proposal happened:

And I'm monitoring my neighborhood too for any updates. 

Here's some photos from the Google Mapmaker event:

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