Friday, October 10, 2008


How do Filipinos give directions?

We use our lips to point the direction you should take.

"Doooon!" "Diyan-diyan lang, doon o!"

(Can you imagine?).

Google launched Google Mapmaker this week and this allows us to tag and fix-up our maps across the country. I personally have been tagging places in my neighborhood and have finished our church and park area (hopefully our Passionist priests won't bonk me on the head for placing where their convento is). I'm also planning to go up and down the commercial area of our village so I could tag the food stops in the area.

Here's Jason Chuck, Product Marketing Manager Asia Pacific of Google during the press launch of Google Mapmaker:

Finally, I will probably get lost less often now. Special thanks to Jason, Dickson, John and Therese!

More details at You Got Tech.