Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Frills Diet

I guess I haven't really gone out for sometime now and I surprised a couple of friends with my weight loss. I'm not sure how much I've lost in the past few months since I never really track my weight. I just know I lost weight coz my skinny jeans are now baggy jeans! (Great excuse to go shopping lah!).

Anyway, Fritz asked me to share my secret especially since it's summer and we all have to bring out our bathing suits (bikinis even!) and parade in the sun. 

The way I lost weight is probably not something you'd like to try, but here are the factors that contributed to my weight loss:


For some strange reason I've become allergic to chicken, crab and chocolates! (And cockroaches, but I don't eat roaches!). I did not realize that chicken is a huge part of my diet and that everything that I snack on has chocolate in it. 

And then my parents left to vacay at my Kuya's place, I had to feed myself and since I don't cook I ended up eating take-out and having food delivered.

And then I found myself in my doctor's office begging her to make me well since my allergies got worse. 

She only said, "Eat healthy food."

I was in denial for a few days until I tried eating healthy and I realized I actually felt a whole lot better. I'm still adjusting to my new diet, but here's a list of the stuff I'm not eating anymore:

everything from my favorite fastfood restos
anything fried
less mayo
less cheese (I eat cheese like a mouse!)
no more processed food (goodbye longganisa!)

And since it's Lent, I've given up drinking Coke.

It's hard, but I'm discovering all these new places I can dine in! And I can say that if you want to follow a strict diet (to lose weight or just to be healthy), you really have to be disciplined. If I slack off, I'm sure my allergies will whip me when I do.

That's it Fritz, my little secret. 


  1. Oh no! That means no more sweet life! :-) Seriously you can always replace your chocolates fro fruits and chicken for fish. If you're not allergic.

    Good luck on your diet!

    In your picture, you don'y look like you need to be on a diet!

  2. Hello!! Just dropping by!! Interesting site you have here!! :-)

    An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!! :-)

  3. @ron centeno thanks for the kind words. I'm fortunately not allergic to fish :)

  4. I also need to start eating healthy. You're right, mahirap but we gotta do it. :)