Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Top Ten Rants on Twitter

I follow a huge number of people on my Twitter account. I don't know how that happened, I guess it's because everytime someone's adds me up I take a peek if he/she is interesting enough to follow. And now that list has grown to more than 200 Twitterers from all over the world. Gulp!

A lot of things happen on Twitter. Some people post updates about their blog, what they're eating, reading, watching or listening to, but I noticed a lot of people voice out their rants on Twitter (including me at least once a day) and here are the top ten rants I see on Twitter:

1. Being bored
2. Experiencing errors on apps/blog platforms and websites
3. Terrible service at a restaurant
4. Airline misfortunes
5. No lovelife
6. And the opposite, lovelife problems
7. Being stalked
8. Spam!
9. Experiencing plagiarism

and the most popular rant of all

10. Awful or no internet connection

I bumped into these sites through a friend... Try it out and vent your frustration (and I think I'll use it in one of my video blogs) -

Sad Trombone
Instant Rim Shot

Go on... just try it. What Twitter rants have you encountered?


  1. I'm trying Twitter's free service now, too.

    Kudos, kudos and more kudos to this most famous Pinoy blog. :)

  2. Being bored - check
    Experiencing errors on apps/blog platforms and websites - check
    No lovelife - CHECK
    Spam! - check
    Experiencing plagiarism - check
    Awful or no internet connection - CHECK!

  3. @eyom - uyy, you made me blush po hehe.

    @ademagnaye - haha... sakto noh?



  5. #7 Being stalked

    Is that really a problem?

  6. 2. Experiencing errors on apps/blog platforms and websites - CHECK
    9. Experiencing plagiarism - CHECK
    10. Awful or no internet connection - CHECK

  7. The fact that almost all pinoy bloggers complain about their internet connection is enough proof that broadband service in the Philippines suck. Badly.

  8. i twit about tidbits of info not worthy of being a full fledged blog post. I also try to twit something out of the ordinary. So far it's been mostly about bloopers. :)