Thursday, May 22, 2008

The M.I.A. Muse

My writing muse has gone on a vacation without me. Perhaps she hied off somewhere South to go swimming because I unfortunately missed going to the beach this summer. Arghhhh!

Before I go and end up ranting here are five things that crossed my mind the past few days:

1. David Cook Rocks! I was not able to watch the whole season completely, but I did choose the right manok. I absolutely love how his version of "Always Be My Baby" and "Music of the Night". GIRLS! Watch his ad for Guitar Hero, Sweetie blogged about it.

2. On the local music scene, Nyoy Volante's fans should be rejoicing over his new album "Heartstrings". His rendition of "Because" and "What's Forever For" is adorable. The album shows off Nyoy's unique sound and would definitely make you kilig (thanks Sweetie for getting the album for me!). I've been a fan of his since we were kids doing the tinikling in our neighborhood gym (ahhh the things you do during summer). I will definitely NOT put that photo online.

3. Have you done anything significant today? With all the problems we (as individuals, as families, as a nation) face every day, more often than not we just end up grumbling and ranting about things. This doesn't really change anything eh? I realized when I was trudging along EDSA on my way to do a workshop 30 kilometers away from home that I should do something significant at least once a day and hopefully would brighten someone's day.

4. Magtipid! The 33-peso date at Serendra and Bonifacio High Street. During the Blogger Food Tour Sweetie and I were lucky to get a GC from Portico and we saved it up for a rainy day. That rainy day was last night. Spent PhP15 for dinner and another PhP15 at Timezone. Not bad eh? The clincher was paying PhP75 for parking. Ngyar.

5. Movies! I don't get to watch movies that often (uh, also TV), but I'm definitely making time to watch Indiana Jones this weekend!

My muse though is still missing in action! Arf!

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