Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Valentine Search is On

Whoopsies! So the cat’s out of the bag. My bet with Stephanie’s no longer a secret and it’s a riot!

Friendly-friend Janette blogged about it. So read it there. I’m quite embarrassed about it (red-faced), but hey, it’s out so I’m just here to explain why.

Wait... wait... lemme hyperventilate for awhile...

Why the search?

1. It’s something I’ve been ignoring. It’s been a while since I really thought about these things… okay, okay I’ll say the word… love (there that wasn’t so hard). Gulp. Janette was flabbergasted with my top 10 to-do list for the year. She said, “How do you intend to find him if it’s not even in our plans?” Good point. So I’m adding it as my 11th thing to do this year. I guess I never really thought it’s achievable that’s why I didn’t right it down.

2. I’ve been too busy. When you’re too busy with work this thing really becomes the least priority. My parents keep asking me when’s the next time I’m going to go out. Don’t get me wrong, I do go out but it’s just that I guess I haven’t met the right person.

3. It’s all Bo Sanchez’ fault. I’ve gotten so messed up reading so many books on dating (The Rules, He’s Not Into You, Boy Meets Girl) that I’ve ended up being scared to do it! Anyway, his newest bestseller “How to Find Your One True Love” has changed my views. Kuya Bo has an assignment in his book that Stephanie and I are helping each other to complete (yes moral support needed!).

4. And finally, my best friends are going crazy over me. My poor best friends have been taking care of me all these years and I think I’ve driven them to the brink of insanity. So, my dear future SO, please show up soon coz they might end up in the mental hospital already.

Qualifications and How to Apply (ha-ha-ha)

Well… hmm… it’s in Janette’s blog. But, overall, I think you should just read “How to Find Your One True Love”.

Promise, di ako magsusungit. Or you can go through my screening committee (ha-ha): Darwin, Tappy, Anne , Janette, Ely and/or Jay.

Read my thoughts about loving in my article "When God Writes Your Love Story".


  1. A good friend of mine gave the book to me last Christmas and I fell in love with it - finished it instantly. You are sooo lucky to meet Bo Sanchez in person.

    Love is always a choice, not a feeling. ;)

  2. I'm sure you will have no problem. You had lots of fans at the Ituloy AngSulong launch...

    Too bad Marc can't push the finals up... so if you won't make it to Valentine (14th), maybe 14 x 2 (28th) won't be so bad!

  3. Well there's a glitch somewhere for that day... I'll be stuck in an airplane! I guess I should be booking my ticket to Cagayan de Oro to see Honey a.k.a. Stephanie. Oh well, hopefully soon I'll make a choice... siguro when I manage to slow down! Haha.

  4. Anonymous1:33 PM

    hahaha that's funny.^__^ blame it on bo sanchez.^_^

  5. grabe! im reading the book now and it is helping me cope with my love issues! haha

  6. jayvee, love issues? you've got too much to give? :)

    oh yeah, Jay DJ was my classmate back in AdMU... but we haven't met IRL ever since!

  7. Jayvee, Sometimes it helps to take things one day at a time and then you become an expert at heartbreak haha. But as an old friend told me, things just have to get better.

    Migs, talaga? I'll tell Jay. Small world huh. And I think the original founders of are from your batch too? Wow!

  8. Alistair Israel of Yehey was one year ahead of me - same with Jay DJ. I knew Alistair from the org, Computer Society of Ateneo. When he and his friends put up Yehey two years later, my company was their first ISP.

  9. am a big fan of Bo as well..;p and since i watch everyday, and today's episode is about the bloggers party, so i saw your interview,thats why am here!

    nkkainspire ka cuz your successful and a godly person at the same time. galeng!

    perhaps same books ang binabasa natin about love hehe.. so i recommend you visit, you'll see it's about true love waits. dami ka rin mtututunan;p and you'll like it for sure!