Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Top 10 Things I'll Do This Year

I don't usually write down what I want to do for the New Year, but I realized that I should keep track of it so I could review what I've done at the end of the year.

Top Ten Things I Want (Will) Do This Year:

1. Bring Miggy to HK Disneyland.
2. Renovate my basement.
3. Buy a car.
4. Set-up our resort in Bicol.
5. Complete my OKRs (this is work-related).
6. Complete 6 issues of The Beads (parish newsletter).
7. Help set-up Darwin's siomai biz here (yummy!).
8. Read at least 6 business books.
9. Blog at least once a week.
10. Bring Miggy to one local travel destination.

Hmmm... fair enough.


  1. Hi! for your local tour destination, I suggest Bohol! Just call me for assistance.

  2. Hi! for your local tourist destination, I suggest that you come to Bohol! Just call me for assistance.