Saturday, September 29, 2007

365 Days of An Apple a Day

It's been a year since I set-up this blog in Mountain View, California last year (that's why my dates are messed up a bit). I remember being so very dazed (due to jetlag) when someone gave us a talk about Blogger and all I could remember then was that we should sign-up for an account. I signed-up after and copy-pasted one of my favorite posts from my Friendster blog. I never took blogging seriously then (well it's still a pasttime for me until now) and just did posts sparingly until Janette urged me to blog more and gave me tips and directed me to try out other stuff like Technorati, Digg etc.

I would've started blogging more by December 2006 but I got stuck for a while in Jakarta and then the earthquake hit, accessing the internet over there was next to impossible. So it was only in January that I really started blogging a lot, then I attended the Blog Parteeh and then the rest is what you could say is history.

The past year has definitely been a journey for me. As Sorsi keeps telling me lately, "Makulay masyado ang buhay mo mare." Not that I want it to be that way (LOL), but I'd say that it's been a really exciting year for me. I'm sure if you've been following An Apple a Day in the past year you'd know that my life's been riddled with ups and downs, triumphs and failures, but hey isn't that the way one is supposed to live life? I'd say, just do it, be happy, but don't forget about the important stuff such as values and responsibilities.

Gawd, I write too much and I still wanna make another post on my work blog before I turn in to sleep. Anyway, here are some posts which may be significant to me, made favorite by others or just whatever -

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I have a smattering of serious posts as well, but I noticed people like reading more about relationships and stuff about being Filipino. It's really funny how a lot of my search engine traffic come from the following keywords: my name, relationship keywords, childhood memories and other really silly stuff. Does this mean I'm silly? Yes. I mean, no, I mean yes. I mean, I guess I'm just not one to brood much. I like having lots sunshine in my life as much as possible.

Blogging I guess is my past time. I stopped writing for 8 years and I guess this is my way of forcing myself to write again (and hopefully start writing stories again) and besides I'm a very sociable person and since I don't have colleagues in the next cubicle or room to bug, blogging keeps me sane (at least my Mom doesn't catch me talking to myself anymore haha, kidding). It has also allowed me to meet many new people and gain many new friends and experience many new things. On the serious side, well, I'm going to make that post in my other blog.

You're probably bored by now... go... blog hop... to my other blogs wehehehe:

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See all my blogs in my Google Page (get a page like this, just sign-up for Google Apps for Your Domain, it's free!)

And this day is a very significant day for me as well and I would just like to say THANK YOU SWEETIE, you made me really, really happy.

Now, I'm off to dreamland. Very bad jetlag indeed.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    yey una ako hehe.

    hapi anib po sa blog nyo ms aileen ;)

    congratz! keep on blogging...

    many more blogging years to come.

    ay tenk yu!


  2. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Hey! Happy 1st Blogaversary to ya! More power and more comments to come. Nyaheheh.

    So you made your blog in Mountain View. Been there since my tita's house is somewhere around there. Hehe.


  3. Keep blogging! It's always a joy to read your posts! :)

  4. Anonymous9:27 AM

    YEHEY!!! one year na. congratulations, dear...thanks for sharing a part of yourself in the blogosphere..

  5. hey, happy anniversary! :)

  6. @dyu - maraming salamat sa bati! and pati na rin po dun sa pinadala niyong gift =)

    @utakgago - ang lamig lamig dun! brrrr hahaha.

    @christina - sister! miss you! see you next week.

    @sexymom - you're welcome po! and i'm happy to have met many new friends including you.

    @midnight rainbow/katukayo -
    maraming salamat po =)

  7. It's been a year na pala? Ang bilis naman. Happy birthday sa blog mo. =)

  8. Happy anniversary Ms. Aileen! Here's looking forward to another year of interesting posts from you!

  9. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Congrats and Happy AnniBlogsary!

  10. kahit old post na ito, gusto ko lang balikan to say thanks rin sweetie. walang katapusang thank you's... in fact, a lifetime to come. :)