Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm Green

I'm about to turn in for the night and thought I should go and check-out some blogs and saw Sexymom's post about "What Color is Your Personality?" and thought, yeah, why not do something really mundane? So here's my supposedly personality color -

What color is your personality?

Your personality is green!

You are a curious, and inquisitive person. You have keen observational skills, and enjoy thinking about words. You are shy sometimes, and enjoy your solitude to reflect on nature.

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Green! Yes, I could be curious and I'd ask questions no matter how stupid they may seem - I learn a lot of weird stuff this way. Inquisitive? Hmmm, it really depends, I guess coz I remember enjoying sifting through loads of research data and I was fascinated by it. Keen observational skills, true, I'm a data sponge. Yes, I am shy (no? you don't agree? I'm really shy!) and I certainly enjoy just sitting by the seashore doing nothing.

I never thought of being identified with the color green - well except as a proud alumni of THE De La Salle University and it's grad school. The color green for me elicits images of nature, mountains, hills, flying down to Iloilo on a sunny day (without getting stranded!) and I'd say a green person is someone who is calm, stable, consistent, dependable... okay, okay I'm sure you get the picture and I'd say I'm definitely not a green person if that definition was followed. Green minded? Naaah.

Zzzzzz... really sleepy now. Good night world.

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  1. Anonymous9:11 AM

    now, isn't it co-incidence? you are green and i am blue not only in personalities, but by our affinity with DLSU and ADMU.

    this afternoon is WAR (3 pm) at the Araneta.