Saturday, September 22, 2007

Gimmick Amerika

I really want to blog in Filipino right now, but then my friends here in the US wouldn't be able to appreciate what I'm writing about. I've been here long enough to adjust a bit to the new time zone (gimme a break, it's a 15-hour time difference and someone just told me it takes a day to adjust to an hour!).

Anyway, I had a whole lot of fun - in and out of work (save for a few mishaps as usual). It's a really different world out here and here are just some differences, silly and otherwise:

1. I'm short here! Take a look at the photos. I remember last year I was so scared of getting run over or stomped on by people.

2. Culture. The Pinoys here, of course, grew up differently, but they are still very hospitable and maalaga. I've also been exposed to culture from other nations and it's really fun to experience that, plus free lodging in any part of the world. Yey!

3. Food. I miss my favorite Pinoy food, especially the breakfasts! I tried going on without rice for a couple of days, but I just really couldn't live without it. I've regained all the weight I lost already. Fat. Fat. Fat. That's me!

4. Gimmick. Well, of course, hanging out here is totally different from hanging out back home. No tsismis! But it's very much masaya.

Oh well, I've to run to a meeting now... so here are just some photos:


  1. Hi Aileen, nice photos. Glad to know you're havin' a blast at SFO. Take care...

  2. Wow... In all your pictures, you look so... white :))

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Thanks for my in-n-out burger!! I sooo miss that! Like I said, while you are there in the states, I will live life vicariously through you. haha.. thanks sis!!!