Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Brain's Frying

That's a term my former colleague coined for me when I reported for work with a fever. He said, "Hala ka, umuwi ka na, your brain is frying." I'm nowhere close to being a medical expert so I don't really know if it's true if your brain's temperature goes up as well when you have a fever. My former colleague was probably pulling my leg. (Any doctors out there? Please explain.).

Anyway, so I've been sitting in front of my PC since early this morning, puttering around, working but not as productive as usual. I can never just lie down and rest coz I feel I'll just get more sick.

Well, since I couldn't work properly, neither could I blog properly, eat, sleep, chat, write in my diary, basically I really can't do much except... watch Youtube videos! Here's one from my best friend, it's short and funny, it's Jon Santos impersonating Armida Siguon Reyna -

Okay, so I'm being scolded already to get some rest. I'm going to bed... with my laptop. Mwehehehehe!


  1. Anonymous4:15 AM

    I completely understand what you mean. Sometimes though, there's a reason it's called a down time - the body needs to heal. Have you tried doing something you can't/don't normally do when you're well, but wish you could? Like catch up on your reading? :) What about meditation? :p

    The Goddess In You

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    My brain's also fried. Ok, maybe only sauteed compared to yours. :)