Monday, September 24, 2007

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

From 20,000 miles up in the air
Transiting to Washington, D.C.

I couldn’t believe how time flew so fast. The week was long but made short with a flurry of activities from morning till the evening. I must’ve barely slept and that made my jetlag much more worse, but I could say I learnt a lot both for work and for myself. It’s just a little sad that sometimes even though you work hard for something, it just really wouldn’t push through if it’s not meant to be. At least I could say that I tried and I took the risk. I may hyperventilate a lot, but I am no coward. The secret though is to know when to ship out.

Anyways, off to happier thoughts. I had a grand time the whole week. I attended a barbecue party right off the plane. It was a pleasant surprise that guys from this side of the world can and would do the cooking and the after-party cleanup (how come those are rare in Manila?). Sebastian and Jay could give our local barbecue restos a run for their money. Plus Juan Carlos can probably start a hamburger chain on his own. And let’s not talk about how these guys can guzzle down hoards and hoards of drinks (right Franklin?). Man, these guys could party. (And I couldn’t express how much gratitude I have for these guys for making my stay easy and fun! Thanks, hugs from me!).

I thought it was really sweet of the guys to bring me to the Flea Market. We went around and around and around. It was so much like being in an open-air tiangge back home. I didn’t buy anything since everything’s available back home. Sunday night was spent clubbing in Poleng Lounge, San Francisco for Christine’s birthday bash. What was interesting about that night was meeting a filmmaker – Benito Bautista – who shared that he’s going to make a film about the Barong with versatile actor, Raymond Bagatsing as part of the cast. Don’t forget I volunteered to be an extra! LOL.

The whole week was spent on work. Meetings, meetings and more meetings. I spent a lot of time as well with Pinoys. You rock guys! It was a pleasure to share with them bits and pieces about home and I’m looking forward to their visits. Meeting people from different nationalities is also something I look forward to whenever I come for a visit (free lodging in any country!). I love learning about how it is in other countries, what makes them tick, what makes them laugh, how kulit they could be. I was, of course, the behaved Pinay (shy kunwari LOL) – but then they all discovered my blog. So there goes my cover. Hahaha. Keep in touch guys!

I was more than a starstruck fan when I met some rockstars. I was awed, literally drooling. Hey, I never dreamt of having this great opportunity. Come visit me when I’m home so you’ll see my new d├ęcor. Meeting them though was a great reminder to me about my mission and what I have to do and what I have to do better. Uyyy, serious.

I almost missed my flight from Salt Lake City to Washington, D.C. coz the ride from SFO was delayed. I felt a bit embarrassed that the flight was delayed coz they had to wait for me. But it wasn’t my fault anyway, and thank God they waited for me. I just hope my luggage is here in the flight as well. I’m spending some time with my Ate (yes I have one!) and I haven’t seen her for 4 years already. I hope though we don’t drive each other crazy! LOL.

System re-booting. A fresh new beginning.


  1. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Hi Aileen,

    Long time reader, first time commenter.

    Are you moving to the US for good?

  2. @ernie - nice to hear from you. Nope I'm not moving to the US. I just took a business trip... I think I might die of homesickness if I stayed too long :)

  3. Anonymous4:07 AM

    eric schmidt! very cool!