Friday, September 29, 2006

30 Things I Did at 30

A year has passed and I’m chalking up another year of my life. It has been an eventful year with so many adventures, travels, emotional upheavals and change.

Travelled a lot to Cebu and Davao.

White water rafting at Cagayan de Oro with DPC Cebu friends.

Got special training for research from the famous Dr. Ned Roberto.

Ad Congress at Cebu. Went to Puerto Galera with high school friends.

Launched LUK4 Mobile E-Yellowpages through print, TV and radio and loads of events.

Reached 115 pounds at one point.

Took two weeks off during Christmas. Volunteered at a Gawad Kalinga build.

Was at Cebu during the Sinulog and had a bar tour there.

Resigned from DPC Yellow Pages

Went to Singapore and spent time with Tappy there.

Went to Jakartato spend time with my Kuya and his family.

Got a job at Dream Satellite TV and resigned 3 months after (my shortest ever).

Helped Ottie at her wedding and was secondary sponsor.

Helped Tappy at her wedding and was a bridesmaid.

Official wedding coordinator of the Bruce-Valenton wedding.

Got interviewed by the world’s largest search engine through the phone, video conference etc. etc.

Went to Hongkong for an interview.

Survived a meet the clan last October without hyperventilating obviously.

Went to Tagaytay with his family. Spent time with his Ate in Singapore.

Became consultant at DMCI Homes. Went to Baguio for their planning session.

Went to Boracay for the very first time.

Had bikini shots taken by a professional photographer (hey… habang bata pa me!)… but I’m
keeping them to myself hehehe.

Backed-up as model for a brochure (just my back hehehe).

Transformed the green room into a study room.

Because editor-in-chief of The Beads and was appointed as social communications ministry head of the Parish Pastoral Council of OLMHRP. Am into my 8th issue already for the newsletter.

Have been writing continuously again.

Met a lot of new friends in the past year.

Did several “closures”.

Opened my heart again. He’s meeting my friends and family tomorrow.

Became Philippines Country Consultant for an international search engine.

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