Wednesday, September 19, 2007

How to Get Over Jetlag

Personally it really takes me time to get over jetlag. And it's much more difficult for me whenever I go home - I normally end up sleeping for 3 straight days. No kidding.

These are some of the things I've been trying to do and some stuff my colleagues have been forcing me to do:

1. Force yourself to sleep at night. (But I normally end up waking up in the wee hours of the morning and I could never go back to sleep!).

2. Drink coffee. Lots of it. (But I can't, I can just have 1 glass per day coz I normally end up getting a tummy ache).

3. Stay under the sun. My friends brought me to the flea market the other day and forced me to walk around under the sun. They said that it helps you get acclimated. Uh... still didn't work for me.

4. Another colleague said I shouldn't sleep any time within the day. Just wait for the evening. (I get a lot cranky when I'm really sleepy and couldn't sleep, so I was really cranky yesterday).

5. Load up on food. (But I don't want to get fat! But I'm too late! I'm too late!).

Oh well, I'm really baaaaaadddd with this and I guess I'll just be in and out of wakefulness the whole week. I can just imagine myself when I cross the timezone again.



  1. Hi Aileen,

    What you can do is wake-up at the same time in the morning and do your normal activities during the day. This way, you'll feel really tired and you'll be able able to sleep at night ;) Do this cycle until your body clock returns to normal.

  2. Drink lots water. Limit coffee. Coffee is diuretic, it'll dehydrate you.

  3. only when if you have time, you just wait it out to normalize .. it takes two weeks max ..