Monday, June 4, 2007

On Philippine IT News

I was chatting earlier with one of our Philippine internet icons, Migs Paraz (I think he's going to kill me for coining him as an icon LOL). Anyway, I was ranting about the lack of Philippine internet news. I read a lot of local tech blogs and news, but there are just aren't any stuff about local IT stuff. How come?

I asked the same question with other tech bloggers last weekend and the indomitable Mon Lizardo of, they all said the same thing - there's not much local IT news. (Yes, I could be really that kulit when I'm curious about something.)

I don't think so. I go around a lot. I must've met at least a thousand people in the last 6 months and I know there is so much stuff ongoing in the IT scene. Like I know Migs and his colleagues work on many things in the news but they don't claim that they did it.

Will the Pinoy techie be relegated to the behind the scenes na lang?

I think we should continuously challenge ourselves and help push forward and promote our talents and skills - especially in the IT scene. Aside from did you guys know about Davao based Andrew's local search engine Or that is now on its tenth year and going strong? Or that now has offices abroad? That is spreading its technology worldwide? That local mobile technologies produced locally are far more advanced than those in other countries? That foreign companies are coming here to get their products coded/programmed here?

Migs said maybe I should write for PTB. I gracefully declined and said I'm no tech blogger. I just like reading about it and that my work blog is more of a way for me to explain techie stuff to non-techie people. And, besides, that will ruin my galawgaw, simple lang image LOL.

I am sure there are a lot of tech news out there that aren't getting any mileage. If the people behind it had a chance to speak out (remember geeks/nerds are usually really shy), then we can get things going around.

What say you?

And, yes, this is a challenge for you tech bloggers and journalists :)

*Photo by Sasha Manuel