Saturday, June 2, 2007

Meme: The Ideal Guy

I was chatting with Sasha a while ago about making a post about the "ideal guy". I told her that I don't think that topic would sit well here in my blog since it's not a blog about dating and relationships and hello I don't really have much to say about that. Well, apparently she found a way for me to discuss it here in my blog. She suggested I do a meme she did last year. So, here are 8 traits I think a guy should have to be my ideal guy.

Hmmm... after all I've been through, I think my ideal guy is a nerd. Yes, you read it right. A nerd. Some would contest that geek is a better term because it has a more positive ring to it, then so be it... a nerd/geek.

Why, oh why? My girlfriends and I had a long discussion over dinner about the three types of guys: (1) the normal guy; (2) the bad boy; and (3) the geek/nerd. I'm not going to go through #1 and #2 coz that's going to be a looooong story. Let me tell you why my ideal guy is #3.

1. They have passion. When they want to get something done, they do it and they exhaust all efforts to get it done, i.e. Larry and Sergey.

2. They are romantic. And it's not the romantic-cheesy type mind you. I don't like the traditional type of courtship (listen to BOBCast 8 for more info). Getting surprised is just simply so adorable. See also #3.

3. They are very creative, especially when they are wooing you. And they don't just give gifts off the shelf, it's a well planned activity for them.

4. Mababaw kaligayahan. I'm not saying it's easy to please a nerd/geek, but you know if you manage to "get" what they are passionate about and you show interest in it, it's going to make `em mighty happy.

5. Simple. WYSIWYG.

6. Stable. I've noticed that when they are happy in their job, they stay in it and they flourish. Hey, I'm a nerd, so I know.

7. Patient and not judgmental. I'm not going to say anything about this coz I might incriminate myself. LOL.

8. One-woman guy. When they say it's just you, it's just really you.

What about you? What is your ideal guy? Or, if married, why do you think your husband is an ideal guy?

Girls! Meme time! Anne, Honey, Sharm, Lauren, Micholle, Mimi, AJ and Chel.

*Photo by Rico.