Sunday, January 28, 2007


I think I've seen so many stars this week. It started out earlier this week with Christian Bautista, then Rachelle Ann Go with Jeremy Marquez and then last night Bo Sanchez.

I've been a fan of Bo Sanchez for the longest time. I almost worked for Kerygma as a writer back in college, but I had to beg off because the office was too far away (and back then internet connection wasn't this easy). I've been reading his books and other published works for quite some time now and have even encouraged my friends to read his books. Why? Because they're inspirational and they help in improving one's faith and relationship with God.

Two years ago I read in one of his books that as a single person you should manage to serve better. When I was a kid I used to be so active in our Parish. I was either an officer or a member of so many organizations. I eventually trimmed things down and just remained active in the Sun Valley Music Ministry (16 years now!). During the time I read that book I was sooo busy preparing to launch LUK4, but there was that nagging feeling that I was set to do something for my service.

And the day came that our Parish Priest, Fr. Leo Acierto, C.P. invited parishioners to join in creating a parish newsletter. Di ako mapakale. Well, eventually I ended up being it's editor despite the busy schedule. Somebody said that serving is never easy. Believe me, it hasn't.

So imagine how thrilled (galak na galak na galak!) I was when Bo Sanchez showed up in yesterday's Blog Parteeh `07. I was talking with someone and was half-listening to the program and thought that he'd appear through a video message. My jaw dropped when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Grabeh! I was so embarrased with the person I was talking with coz I became so distracted (sorry po!).

After Bo's short talk I excused myself and went up to him immediately. I introduced myself as a fan. Sigggghhhh. And then Brother Bo had to go and interview someone and I had to do my spiel for the bloggers. I thought that was the end of it, but Jomar approached me and said that Brother Bo wanted to interview me for his video blog. My jaw dropped a second time that evening. Me? I said, "Me?"

I guess I was tulala most of the time in the interview. I completely forgot to mention that aside from my social communications ministry duties I was active in our parish choir. Oh well, I was just simply thrilled and couldn't wait for my Mom and sister-in-law to get home from Bicol so I can make tsismis about this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Jomar gave away some free books and I asked Brother Bo for an autograph in his book "How to Find Your One True Love". He signed it, "Create love." Uyyy, create love... (Read related post).

It was truly an enchanted evening for me. It's been 24 hours and I'm still starstruck...

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