Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Blogger Lingo 101

I guess I've spent so much time with bloggers that I've managed to assimilate blogger lingo in my vocabulary. Now being the nerdy/geeky person I am, some people think I speak inanities, but in fact I'm just speaking my everyday language. And I'm hopefully not boring!

Blogger Talk 101:

(1) That's not bloggable!

Of course, bloggers spend time offline and we talk about many, many things under the sun. If you tell a reporter "that's off the record", then you have to tell a blogger "that's unbloggable!". Read Ely's recount on non-bloggable things.

(2) Link baiter!

Sometimes there are bloggers who write about stuff in the hopes of getting link backs. In layman's (offline) terms it means you are a social climber. You try to network with people in the hopes that you get recognized and become famous like the Philippines most influential and top blogger (that's based on stats).

Note: When talking offline, bloggers say "topic baiter!".

(3) Zero PR

This means the blog (or website) has zero page rank. Page rank mainly shows the level of relevance of your page (and how important it is). In layman's term, are you making any sense or is your content relevant at all? If you're PR is zero, you'd need to talk to a SEO or do some marketing through Google Adwords. Coupons anyone?

(4) Blog roll

Your list of personal blog favorites, usually found either on the left or right (usually) side of your blog posts. I call it my "friendly friends"

(5) Some favorite blogger expressions

Gulp!...Whew!...Uhh... Err... Gawd... Oh noes!... Noooooo!.... No way!

From Abe: Ego Search

Searching your name on Google to find out who and what people are saying about you.

I'm sure my blog roll can provide more terms :)

Oh BTW, you can get a free copy of Blog This: How Blogs Empower Every Internet User. It's written by a friend.