Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Type of Guy

In the past few days I've been told, "I dunno your type." Type of guy. Hmmm, the comment came from a few guys and I thought it was kinda weird of them to ask so I just said go read my blog post about "my ideal guy" and my thoughts about finding the one.

And then I happened to read Noemi's meme about "My Type of Guy" and I thought maybe I should go through it coz I never really thought about the type of guy I like.

1. Suplado = nah, if you don't approach me first and make kulit me I'll probably end up ignoring you.

2. Mr. Shades = nope, no shades please.

3. Masculado = uhh... let's cross the bridge when we get there. I like `em cuddly, but nice arms aren't bad.

4. Guys who give flowers = I was telling the best friend earlier mababaw lang ako and I'd even place a bunch gumamela in a vase (sounds familiar Anne?). And I think this is a really nice and sweet gesture.

5. Smiling face = not more than I smile please.

6. Hiphop = hmmm, someone who's cool and can get me to dance.

7. Guys who ask permission before courting = I think this is quite important coz I could get really dense. You'd have to tell me several times before it sinks in.

8. Has earring/s = no earrings please. I personally don't like it and you'll probably scare off my Mom.

9. Used to chew bubblegum =
like Noemi said, definitely a turn-off.

10. Long-hair = I like `em short.

11. Bald = I have no problem with this.

12. Antipatiko = Asa ka pa.

13. Torpe = Won't work on me dear, read #7.

14. Computer-games addict = just enough of it so he can relate to my son.

15. Basketball player = my Dad's a known basketball player in his alma mater. Yeah, someone sporty who can drag me around to exercise would be nice.

16. Mr. Count-my-ex’s-till-you-drop = No way!

17. Mestizo = doesn't really matter.

18. Guys who sing well = basta kaya mag-videoke!

19. Quiet/tame = Tame? Read #7.

20. Cum laude = has to be smart or I'll get bored.

21. Formal = Not so. I guess I want someone who's very flexible.

22. Friendly =
"Friendly but not flirty" as Noemi said. Amen to that. And well my work makes me meet a lot of people, you'll have to help me out one way or the other.

23. Mr. I have an opinion about anything & everything = Nah, that's why I didn't pursue law studies. I just want to be silly a lot of times.

24. Motorcycle guy = not much.

26. Rocker = hmmm, not much.

27. Skate boarder = I think I'm too old for skaters.

28. Alaskador (prankster) = just the right amount.

29. Flirt = You may only flirt to me and me alone!

30. Mr. Campus Crush = Nah, I don't want the headache.

31. Bigotilyo = isn't that ticklish?

32. Painter = why not?

33. Galante = Yes, but not overly so... I get overwhelmed easily.

34. Mr. Love Letter = I have this collection of my Dad's love letters to my Mom and it's sooooo sweet! It doesn't have to be a love letter, little notes will do.

35. Maporma = Nah!

36. Talks Too Much = Nah! Sometimes it's just nice to be quiet.

37. Soccer Hottie = Sporty!

38. Anti-Christ = Definitely NOT!

39. Mama’s Boy = No thanks!

40. Hangs Out With His Friends A Lot =
Not too much of this, I know it's important but he should be able to balance things.

41. Mysterious Guy = nope.

42. Cute Idiot = Definitely not.

43. Guitarist = Icing on the cake.

44. Wide Vocabulary Guy = that or he reads a lot.

45. Loves you = A MUST.

46. Tennis guy = Sporty! I haven't played tennis for more than a decade!

47. Dark skin = Not so dark.

48. Tall =
At least 4 inches taller than me. I wear high heels sometimes hehe.

49. Chubby = Not too much.

50. Hairy = umm... umm... I dunno. Let's cross the bridge when we get there.

And definitely NOT SELOSO. You will have to trust me when I say there's only you.

Well, your turn!

Photo by the stylish Sasha Manuel of Style Manila.