Sunday, June 15, 2014

For my Dads

I was certainly a handful when I was growing up and I spent a lot of time with my Dad. I noticed I actually have more photos with my Dad when I was a baby. Here's one at the beach where I ran away with his slippers.

He eventually caught me, but I still wouldn't let go of his slippers (haha).

I remember when I was small we'd go on weekly noodle-siopao dates at Luk Yuen in Glorietta (when Glorietta wasn't one big mall yet). He'd eat noodles and I'd eat the siopao balat (I know people say it's dirty but I love that part). When I was in second grade I loved Menudo so much he accompanied me to watch amidst all the screaming teenagers (I never became a fan-girl after that).

My Dad was very strict and I made many wrong decisions along the day, but he was just there patiently waiting for me to do things right. When he had a first bout of cancer I prayed really hard that he'd stay until I manage to settle down. He did. I guess he was also praying that I eventually find the right person because when he gave Sweetie a copy of his book he wrote, "For my FSIL". During that time Jay and I were just a few months into our relationship and were baffled about my Dad's cryptic message. Eventually when Jay and I were engaged my Dad explained that "FSIL" was "Future son-in-law". He liked Jay and had given his "seal of approval" (probably because he's Atenean too!).

A few months after Jay and I got married Dad's health deteriorated fast. He kept saying that his mission was done and that it was time for him to go back to his creator. Two months after the doctor told us that he had stage 4 cancer he was gone. It's been three years and a half since that fateful day Dad left us, but it still feels very much like yesterday everyday.

Happy Father's day Dad. I know you are watching over us from up there. Miss you!

And, of course, to the other daddies in my life:

Sweetie, I particularly selected this picture coz he was wearing a barong. For being Miguel's Dad. I know we're both a handful! Haha. 

My other daddies, Tito Ben, Tito Tony, Tito Mon and Tito Louie. Being the clan bunso has it's privileges. 

And, of course, my FIL. I certainly enjoy all the questions you ask every time we meet-up, no wonder Sweetie asks a lot of questions too. Haha. 

And happy father's day to the rest of my family, friends and colleagues who are daddies. 

And to all single moms out there, happy father's day too! I was a dad too for about 15 years!

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