Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Happy, Happy Week with New GSAs!

I am so hung over from the #gsasea summit! I couldn't stop looking at the posts the students are making on G+ and I couldn't help but smile at the auto-awesomed photos.

The last week has been the result of months of hard work we put in to ensure that we are able to provide the best experience to students who have been accepted into the program. Besides the best that we can do is equip the students and catapult them into super stardom.

After rigorous sessions the best part of the summit was the cultural night where the students treated us to traditional and modern dances from their countries. I loved all the performances and ended up dancing everytime a group went up. It's what probably got my sniffles to go away.

The Indonesian GSAs opened the performances which got everyone to stand up and dance.

Here's the hataw number of the Sri Lankan GSAs -

And the mind-blowing performance of the Pakistani GSAs -

Being the host country, the Filipino GSAs treated the audience to several sets of local dances and got everyone to dance to "Pinoy Ako". It was a fitting finale that brought a lot of good vibes.

The last week was made successful with my awesome support system - my boss, my team, my colleagues who took time out to help in the summit, the agency, and my family who made sure I was almost always up and about (have to make sure my one year old heart always works!). And, of course, thank you Papa God for answering our prayers for good weather!

A sincere thank you to everyone who came and supported the summit!

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