Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crispy Pata Bloggers Association

When me and my blogger friends get together we oftentimes make up stuff (as what storytellers usually do). I remember I used to do that a lot back in college when I was part of our university's literary folio. Anyway, our banter revolved around crispy pata this time around. The reality though is most of us can't consume as much crispy pata as we used to when we were younger and some of us aren't allowed to eat crispy pata anymore. That didn't stop us from ordering one large crispy pata when we dined at Max's Restaurant last weekend.

So what is the crispy pata bloggers association? It's an organization of friends who love eating crispy pata (can you count the number of times I've included crispy pata in this post?) and well... that's just about it haha. And here's our pledge of allegiance (made by Sweetie):

The Crispy Pata Bloggers Creed 

I pledge allegiance to the association of the Crispy Pata Bloggers 
And for which it stands, one nation, under pig with crispiness and pata for all.

Please note that this post was just born out of boredom and fun.

Happy birthday Juned! =)


  1. I always call Crispy Pata "Pig Knuckle". It's funnier. :) It's like, OMG, there's actually a Pig Knuckle Blogger's Association?

  2. I am a founding member!

  3. Kumain si Juned ng crispy pata last weekend? Bawal na sa kanya yan ah! =P

    Sayang kagabi walang crispy pata, hehe.

  4. @Gerry oh that's cute! Haha. Katuwaan lang po ang association.

    @Arbet ikaw na ang president!

    @Markku nope, chicken lang kinain nya.